Turns out e-ink displays are maybe useful

In every thread regarding e-ink displays without fail I have pointed out its unsuitability as a replacement display as it’s refresh rate is traditionally VERY slow. Here I stand corrected, for the low low price of the cost of a whole new laptop, you can get an e-ink display that isn’t total garbage. The gaming experience is terrible as expected but at a refresh rate of 44hz, that is quite usable for web browsing, general productivity(i.e word and excel) and even media consumption if you don’t mind monochrome or are already completely colorblind. I still think it’s ludicrous but at least it’s genuinely functional.

EDIT: Oh! It even is available as a touchscreen!


Yeah, for some reason e-ink display evolution hasn’t really been covered a lot even though it’s really cool technology. All you could get a few years ago was an e-ink tablet from amazon or kindle with a 5-7hz refresh rate. It’s kinda amazing.

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Yes, I agree an internal e-ink display would be amazing. It could increase and improve battery power substantially.

Here is another review of Dasung e-ink display: Dasung Paperlike 3 HD e-Ink Monitor Review - YouTube

I think this one looks also promising, and it would be amazing if there will be an option with this display for the frame work laptop.

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Here’s a 60Hz monochrome eink attached to a Framework:

Imagine that the display is hot-swappable - I’d love to go and code in the garden but regular displays are just not cutting it.


I’ve seen smart watches that were OLED over e-ink display, so you can have all the fancy color when you care but a very low power, always on, sunlight readable basic watch the rest of the time. Would be interesting to see the same scaled up to laptop sized screen size. Full res, high refresh for gaming or video, drop to e-ink when reading a long document to cut eye strain, etc. I also wonder if the e-ink layer could also act as a deeper anti-reflective layer to help the OLED work better in high glare conditions. Could be an awesome combo if someone cracks the tech.


I’d love to have an eInk display just for word processing. There have been specialist devices like the Freewrite, but I’d just like a display I could use with Windows.

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