Type of glue to use to fix the touchpad cable finger-loop?

I managed to break the small loop on the touchpad cable, the one to put the finger in to easily lift the connector.

I’ve tried to fix it by using some superglue, but it didn’t hold.

I’m a complete noob in this kind of DIY repair… does anybody have a clue about which kind of glue would successfully work on this material?

(problem compounded by the fact that, now, there is some patch of dry superglue on the loop ribbon…)

Mine broke a while ago. I wouldnt worry about it.

Thanks to let me know that the problem did not only happened to me!

On my side, I care for 2 reasons:
1/ easiness of use and to keep the connector parallel to the socket when lifting it (and avoid damaging the socket on the mainboard)
2/ aesthetics and resell value

  1. How often do you use it? Most people, roughly once, ever.
  2. No buyer will care about such a minor fault

I used it a ton of times, probably more than 50 times.
I have done diagnostics for a mainboard problem, and that requires to disconnect/reconnect this cable a lot of times.

I also upgraded the mainboard once (in addition to the RMA’d mainboard swap), the speakers, swapped RAM and SSD with another laptop, did around 4~5 mainboard resets…

So you see, I do use quite a lot this cable connector :sweat_smile:

And I do believe a buyer will at the very least notice it, because they will probably swap in their own SSD. But, admittedly, my main reason is 1/.

So now with “why” I want to repair it being addressed, I hope I can attract suggestions about “how” to do it!

The framework screwdriver doubles as a spudger in the rear end that can help you unplug it. The loop is nice, but I don’t think it’d be driving down the value of the laptop. In my case, the DYI edition came with the stickers under the RAM loose, and not well aligned, and I chose to remove them before installing the RAM – again, not a big deal (although probably those would have more value as they label the different channels).

@gvisoc Thanks, but I prefer to fix the loop and use it. Just much easier to use.

Hey! Anyone wants to comment on how to repair it instead of “why”???

Given the materials to glue, I would try to use a double-sided tape, 3M type, the thin ones (transparent / clear). The kind of same that iFixit includes on the display repair kits of the iMacs, just to put an example to check.

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@gvisoc Thanks! I’ll try that.
I’m also still happy to hear anyone’s advice for some kind of glue.

Try this, specifically for its temperature range:

If you have some sandpaper around 600-1000 grits, then give the surfaces some light sanding before gluing.

Thank you, however do you happen to have a suggestion available on Amazon.com?

(I know it’s weird, but I’m travelling between several countries and the best common denominator in my situation is to buy a product available from the US Amazon website)

I have a feeling this will end up worse than it is now. :thinking: :wink: :rofl:

@Jason_Dagless Why?
I want to fix it.
How could it be worse?
In the worse case, I can purchase a new cable on the website.

And of course I will remove the cable from the laptop while I apply the glue, until it’s dry… if that’s the catastrophe you’re thinking of :slight_smile:

No I’m sure you’ll be fine. Where there’s a will… :smiley:

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First, I think don’t need to fix this minor damage. If you concern then must go to repair shop, they will not charge a penny to add quality glue.

I want to fix it. Myself.
And have the necessary info here on this thread so anybody can fix it themselves too.

If there is such “quality glue” then it is exactly the info I am seeking.
I need to know which glue exactly.

LOL I wonder why y’all have bought a Framework laptop.
Have you heard about the “right to repair”?
Come on, are you all trolls? :sweat_smile:


Might take a look at E6000.

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Can always make your own little loop and superglue it to the top of the connector. Some ribbon or plastic sheeting might work well.

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On that note, camping tent repair patches might work well (just need to cut it to size & shape)…they tend to have decent adhesive and tear/rip resistant fabric.

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