Ubuntu 21.04 instability

I’ve got a first batch Framework with the 1185g7. I’m intermittently running into performance issues, with very high load averages (from 3 to 6), serious video and audio lag in Google Meet and video streaming and stutter in all kinds of generic WM operations.

I’ve tried setting intel_pstate=disable in Grub, but that only lowers my frequency ceiling to 2.9GHz. One time, I set it to intel_pstate=enable and that helped for a few days. At some point I discovered that at least a part of the issue was the RF stickers on USB-C ports: I’ve fixed those, a week passed and the issues are back. Removing the expansion cards currently doesn’t help.

This is happening with about twenty tabs in Brave, nothing too crazy. Sometimes everything is fine and smooth, but usually there’s a lot of stutter. I never ran Windows, so the Intel Power Management shouldn’t be stuck in a power-saving mode.

In these instances, fans don’t spin up, so it really seems like it’s stuck in power-saving mode, even in that mode it should be able to perform: it’s not like I’m trying to play video games, just streaming a movie.

$ uname -r

cpupower frequency-info shows frequencies ranging from 200MHz to 3.8GHz.