Ubuntu not suspending after mainboard upgrade

Yesterday I upgraded my Laptop’s mainboard, it all went fairly smoothly except that Ubuntu Linux is no-longer suspending when I close it. Does anyone have any ideas on why this might be?

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If you were suspending to hibernation, this is a known problem. You will need to manually update your kernel to a newer one. However, if I am not mistaken, the LTS kernel saw some updates which fixed hibernation. I’m not sure though.

If you are referring to s2idle deep then I’m not sure. Have you already done a sudo apt udpate, and sudo apt full-upgrade?

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If this is Ubuntu 22.10, this is a known lid event issue we’re working on. I’ve been recommending using the power off pull down menu to select Suspend.


Thank you all.

Not sure if this is related but:

ian@framework ~ [1]> cat /sys/power/state
freeze mem

Shouldn’t that include sleep/suspend/hibernate?

Mine is freeze mem disk