Unused slots. Dangerous to leave unused?

Hey all,

I just got my first framework laptop the amd 13 and exploring it!

I had ordered 4 expansion cards for the slots. A USBC-C, USB-A, HDMI and ethernet.

The problem is that ethernet is not like the rest and it’s kind of ugly and above all protruding on the right of the laptop. This was not seen when buying it. Would have loved a card that does not protrude.

But anyhow, the question here is until I get something else (or a dummy card as suggested here: Null expansion card) is it bad to leave that slot unused. Can it gather dust and somehow damage the connector at the slot or the laptop in general?

Search for Snack Drawer in the forum.
Here’s one link that comes up.


Thank you Edward! That seems like a lot of fun. May try it.

But my general question remains. Would leaving an expansion slot unused for some time leave either the laptop in general or the slot connector specifically prone to damage?

Not too much. It’s well, well recessed.

It’s better to put something in there, dust may find a way in, but it’s so far in, it’s quite protected.