Updated elementaryOS 6.1 Installation Guide | Full Compatibility!

Hello, there are a few guides for elementaryOS around but the fingerprint reader and WiFi are often cited as not working. I’ve installed the latest elementaryOS 6.1 on my machine and have got everything fully working, and it works great!

Note: as a new forum user I am only allowed to add two links, so I’ve made a pastebin with all the links mentioned in this guide: pastebin

First you need to download the ISO file from elementary.io. You can enter $0 to get it for free. Now burn it to a USB with something like unetbootin, Rufus etc.

Plug the USB into your Framework and mash F12 after turning it on to get into the boot menu, and select your USB drive. If it doesn’t work, you may need to enter the BIOS and disable secure boot first like I did.

You can then boot into elementaryOS and use the installer to install to your SSD. Reboot and set up a user and log in. At this point everything should work except the WiFi/Bluetooth and fingerprint reader, and the display will be very zoomed in.


It’s really as simple as installing one package.
Download the linux-firmware_1.197.deb file from any of the mirrors linked in the pastebin

You may have to right click save the link. Now place this deb file on your USB drive and plug it into the Framework.

Copy the file to your Downloads folder and run the command sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/linux-firmware_1.197_all.deb to install. After a reboot, your WiFi and Bluetooth will be working.

Display Scaling

Follow the 3000x2000 xrandr instructions linked in the pastebin to set your display to a more reasonable size. You can also change font/UI size and dock icon size in Settings too.


Simply follow the instructions linked in the pastebin to set up the fingerprint reader. Once it’s installed and your finger is enrolled via the terminal, you can login, and authenticate with your fingerprint!

Deep Sleep

Follow commands linked in the pastebin to set up deep sleep and reduce battery drain when in standby. It does make resuming from standby take slightly longer but is possibly worth it for the extra battery life

Improve battery

To improve battery, simply install tlp which optimises the power profiles for you. It’s already in the repository so just open a terminal and run sudo apt install tlp and then sudo tlp start. Voila, better battery!

I hope this helps everyone who wants to run elementary!


Thanks for this! I hadn’t found instructions for fingerprint and this did indeed get it working. That said, now if I inadvertently log in using a password, the login screen freezes and I end up having to hard reset the computer. Have you experienced similar issues at all?

Thanks again for the info!

I’ve converted this to a Wiki post. @Sam_T you should be able to edit and add links now (I think).