Upgrading from 11th gen to 13th gen?

I’m looking for information regarding the upgrade process and Windows activation status. I still use my DIY 11th Gen frame.work laptop but wanted to upgrade to the 13th Gen mainboard. The only item I could not find on the found out if I will need to purchase a new product Key for WIndows 11?

You will probably need a new license, unless you used a retail key when you set up your machine. Windows determines a machine’s identity based on the processor and the motherboard. The version of license you have (OEM or retail) will give you a good idea of what sort of problems you’ll have.

For OEM licenses, if the values don’t differ too much (new processor in the same motherboard, for example) it won’t prompt for a new key. If the values differ significantly then Windows will probably ask for a key. It isn’t always certain - I’ve had OEM licenses that transferred when motherboard and CPU have been upgraded, though that is a rarity in my experience.

Since retail licenses are not tied to a single computer in the way the OEM licenses are (OEM licenses are meant to be used only one time on one computer), it is not much of a hassle when upgrading. You may just need to reactivate it.

Unfortunately it’s not a completely cut and dried process, so even with a retail license there might be circumstances where the license may not work.

To add to this, it would help to know which laptop you have. If you got a prebuilt, that uses an OEM key that would not transfer. If you have a DIY and got a key from the Framework Marketplace or other official distributer, that is a retail key that you can transfer. If you bought a “cheap” windows key from an unofficial seller, it is likely an OEM key that you cannot transfer.

The thread is tagged as DIY edition so I’m assuming its DIY.

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I didn’t want to make assumptions, since just upgrading the mainboard could also be considered the DIY category, but good catch!

To answer the questions it was the DIY 13 inch. I did have it include the license with purchase. As that stands I agree that it is probably an OEM key. I was more trying to see if anyone else went through the upgrade and was able to reactivate their key.

Nope! If you bought it from Framework with a DIY edition laptop, it’s a retail key. It should transfer via your Microsoft account.