FW 13 AMD Windows 11 Re-install

Sorry if there is another thread on this particular issue, I checked and didn’t come across one. So Windows 11 Pro installs like to link to one device and one device only. Because of the license constraints, how have any existing owners (11th, 12th, 13th gen) gone about porting over their license to the new AMD boards? Or would I have to buy another copy of Win11 for the AMD board? Would unlinking the device on my Microsoft account take care of this issue?

For the record, I miss the old days of being able to install the same copy of Windows on up to 5 different machines without buying another copy.

If you have a retail license purchased full price from Microsoft, then you should be able to port it. Their automatic system is terrible and rife with issues depending on when you bought the license, your hardware, etc. I was able to reach someone at Microsoft support who confirmed proof of Windows purchase and proof of hardware purchase (screenshot of your framework order). Then they gave me a specific key to port my license.


That’s good to know…I’ll reach out to them when I get my board in hopefully a few weeks. I just bought the copy because I was running Linux beforehand. I needed Windows for school stuff this semester.

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I was able to transfer with no problems, by using my key during the install. As long as you have the key it should transfer over without much hassle.