Uptime records

What’s your high score?
6 days on win11 7840u

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You should specify “Windows” uptime records.
Linux can just obliterate Windows. No chance whatsoever.


I turn off everyday when not in use so I need not apply :joy:


Let’s see a screenshot then.
I specifically left it open to get community feedback rather than "LULZ LINUX T3H BEST111!!! "
To ble clear: this is about fw 13 laptops, not your overall high score. Hence the fw13 tag.

I meant that it’s really not a fair competition. Windows forces reboots for updates. Whereas Linux does not require it.


Now that touchwood my blue screen issues seem to be fixed by replacing the drivers, currently at 8 hours. I only restart when an program/Windows update requires it.

Lets see your uptime then? I’ll share mine… I’m at an hour and 4 minutes because my Linux distro prompted for a reboot after installing a web browser update :roll_eyes: which I’ve certainly never seen a Windows installation ask for.

That’s odd. What browser and distro? 15 years on Linux and I’ve never seen a browser require a reboot.
I don’t have a fw13 on hand. But the Thinkpad I’m on right now is at 22 days. Linux Mint 21.2. And FWIW Firefox and Chromium.

22 days shouldn’t be noteworthy on Linux though. I just prefer hibernating most of the time, no attempt is made to keep a long uptime. But, if anyone feels the need to see



FW 13 AMD, running Fedora 39.

Fedora 39 does sometimes call for a reboot for certain updates. My uptime is currently around 2 days 3 hours because of an update/reboot two days ago. Before that I’d estimate at least two weeks, though I wasn’t thinking about it at the time. In fact, since I got it (Batch 4), I’ve probably only re-booted a few times, each because of a Fedora 39 update.

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This was ElementaryOS with Vivaldi browser. I suspect the Flatpak packaging method they use has something to do with it; I also thought the reboot request was odd.

But that’s just how Linux goes in my experience - odd behaviors and “hmm, that shouldn’t happen” moments. Not saying Windows has any less of them, but Linux isn’t the golden experience that some would lead you to believe.

Just checked for the heck of it. Currently at 14 days, 9 hours. Must have been that long since the last Fedora 39 update required a re-start.