[TRACKING] 13th gen intel on linux

Hey can anyone report on the battery life for any of the 13th gen intel boards using linux?

Most reviews are using windows

Also does the 13th gen have S3 sleep in the bios?


hi @evebyte ,

will try to get some real numbers with ubuntu/fedora soon,

not yet aware if there’s any recently, but if there is will definitely track, labeling this as tracking for now.

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@Loell_Framework thank you! I use Fedora and if the improvements make a difference on Linux I’d order an Intel mainboard

13th gen using this guide sees a workday’s worth of battery life through the day. DP expansion card power savings update can be found here. Linux firmware updater for DP expansion card is in testing for a beta community release in the near future.

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@Matt_Hartley thank you for sharing, I’m going to try this on my 11th gen and hopefully it helps. :slight_smile:

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