USB-c gender changer?

As I have been prototyping expansion cards I keep wishing for an easy way to plug an arduino into the Framework, while keeping it in a card, without lots of soldering or custom stuff. So has anybody found a compact USB-c male to male adapter?


I can make a USB-C male expansion card.

I appreciate the offer, but I am trying to avoid what I had to do in the first image in my linked post. The idea is to keep the adapter and some extra pcb all within the expansion card or only slightly sticking out.

I could also do a proper PCB like I did for an Arduino Pro Micro while back, haven’t tested though.

Male to male cables are easy to get. Just look for phone charging cables for new android devices.
Honestly, I think the vast majority of USB-C cables are male to male.

@Josh_Cook thanks, but I was looking for something off the shelf.
@agentcrm Cables are far too long and bulky to fit within the confines of an expansion card.

Hello !

I think I found what you are looking for, @Tyler_S !

10Gbps 100W PD Type C male to male

USB 3.1 Type C CM2CM (10Gbps too)

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