Turning the Expansion Cards into dongles

Are there any known-good quality USB-C female to male jack?

Something like this but with actual support for thunderbolt and all that USB-4 jazz so the cards can work up to their max speed.

Would be cool so you could plug in a Storage Expansion Card into another computer, or just a jerry-rig USB-C to DisplayPort dongle.

So you’d get something like this.

(SD-card module)

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@amoun I’m searching for USB-C Male to Female, thanks though! One end should be like this.
(basically a receptacle)

Because the Expansions Cards have a Male connector on the end. (Which connects the dongle to the computer)

Found this after a quick search on amazon, although there are some comments that say it doesn’t work with thunderbolt docks. One comment specifically stated that the Thunderbolt spec doesn’t have regulations for extension cables like these, but I can neither confirm nor deny that, so buy at your own risk.

@Cheese Yes sorry I posted the incorrect links :blush:
Have deleted the post :slight_smile:

Here the shortest is 30cm though looking at link in the post above the cable specs look ‘better’

. . . each cable support power delivery charging at 60 watts, USB 3.1 5Gb/s data transfer speeds, and can be used as a video cable 5k at 60Hz video output and audio transmission.

Short stub

USB 3.1 Superspeed Type C Male to Female Extension Adapter | Etsy UK

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Amazing, thank you!

I’ll test them out and update this thread when the Framework Laptop becomes available.

I suppose the idea is to have a flexible cable and be able to have some distance but other wise there is this option show when making a magnetic power adapter. May be worth looking at.


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I just want to be able to plug in my Framework Expansion cards into another USB-C device without straining the USB-C connector.


With my Surface for example it would weigh down the connector and probably break.

Yes so a cable of at least 30cm maybe the way to go.

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How about a dongle dock? It could maybe come in different sizes but have slots for many cards. There could either be some sort of selector for picking which slot or slots are connected or just ports for every card that the cable can be plugged into to select which to use. Here’s a little mock-up of what I mean by “dock.”

I realize now that I should have put a SNACK drawer in there… Too late, I have to go to bed.


@XenoCow I mean that would be amazing but i neither have the knowledge nor the tools to create that, would be an awesome project idea for people interested in it.

It’d probably work a bit like that Kingston dock just with the ability to add actual Storage Expansion cards instead of only SD/USB.
(tbh, i think the expansion cards would just fit in the workflow dock anyways, although it would look pretty jank)

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I have been thinking a lot about dongle dock too. It’s so obvious idea to make every expansion slot a lot more reusable. I would actually thinking of not buying a lot of expansion slot and use just dongle which I already have producing no e-waste. Also non framework laptop user could buy and use this out of the box

What preventing this from happening technically? Is limited in speed of USB c port? It’s quite low hanging fruit idea here or I misunderstand something.

It would probably require that the dock either drop support for alt modes (USB 3.x only, no video) or be Thunderbolt- or USB4-enabled which is difficult and expensive to design and may require an NDA with Intel to get access to the controllers.

Especially expensive, moreso if you need more than 2 ports.

Really hope someone makes some reasonably priced usb4 chipsets at some point, the price of the thunderbolt stuff is just rediculous. Also cheaper mst hubs pls XD

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