USB-C vs USB-A Inner bits

Opened up both USB module types and noted an interesting thing. The type A has metal on both sides of the module. The type C has plastic cover on one side.

Also the A obviously has conductive strips that contact both top and bottom covers. So it is shielded somewhat from interference.

C does not have the conducive strips at all. So I wonder if the placement of the C type has varying effect due to the plastic cover (facing into the unit) and something causing interference.

Thoughts @nrp ?

FYI if anyone else tries to open a module, it feels like it’s glued down, but it’s not. It has tiny fingers on the sides. The cover slides off… Carefully.


The metal vs plastic top cover is for thickness reasons. The USB-A receptacle is thick enough that the plastic can’t be molded thin enough to fit it.


@nrp Ok makes sense.

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@nrp or any other frameworkers: would you mind sharing the part for that USB-C receptacle? Kinda unique looking part, and for a dual USB-C expansion card, it would obvs be nice if the height of the ports matched the OEM cards.

Mechanical DXF and PDF files say it’s LOTES AUSB0534-P003A

That is for the internal port, not the expansion card receptacle.


Thank you for the photos. I realize my idea isn’t going to work. The internals of my SDR (software defined radio) dongle appear that they would fit inside an expansion card. I was hoping the USB-A card had wires I could simply solder to the SDR PCBA. Instead I would have to remove the USB-A from the SDR and place it with USB-C. Possible to do, but more difficult.

hmm, perhaps the USB-C to USB-A breakout board by @Josh_Cook would help here?