USB Controllers

I’m probably blind, but I can’t seem to find how many USB controllers are handling the expansion ports.

Is it just one for all four ports, or are there two (e.g. handling left/right side)?

Been looking into Qubes a little bit, and their per-controller isolation seems interesting.

From a post from one of the Framework team, they revealed that it will be two, one handling left side and one handling right. Each one gets two USB-C ports.


@djph All 4 expansion cards are routed to the same USB3 controller.
USB3 signals all ports → USB controller 1
USB2 signals all ports → USB controller 2


@Kieran_Levin There are 2 Thunderbolt ports?

so last I heard, and staff can correct me if I’m wrong, but all 4 ports are thunderbolt 4 compatible, they just can’t call it thunderbolt 4 yet because of the certification process. I was told that there are 2 thunderbolt controllers one for the left side and one for the right side.