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I have never posted here and I don’t own a Framework (yet). I was hoping for some guidance regarding questions that might be obvious to all of you.
Why can’t I find any information about the Bluetooth capabilities in the specs? Is this the same on all models?
It is great that you can have Thunderbolt 4 capability on four ports. I didn’t see any ports for sale beyond USB-C. Could someone please explain how to implement this?
Thank you all very much!
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All Framework laptops are equipped with the Intel AX210 wireless module which has Bluetooth integrated:

Framework uses expansion cards that connect to the internal USB-C ports. There are the USB-C passthrough cards, but there are also USB-A cards, microSD cards, HDMI cards, DisplayPort cards, Ethernet cards, 250GB cards and 1TB cards.

You can use any 4 simultaneously. Pick any 4 most appropriate for your needs when you order, and you can order additional ones from the marketplace. They are hot swappable as well, like any USB device.

Thunderbolt 4 is passed through the USB-C cards so you can connect to hubs or directly to TB devices.


Also, you should be able to configure which 4 cards you want when you order the laptop, you don’t need to order them after the fact.


Very good point @Nich_Trimble, I’ve edited.

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