Use framework laptop (Windows OS) as daily driver (reliability survey)

Dear community,

This is a survey for all users that use Framework Laptop with Windows system installed.

  • Only for Windows users (I saw people report glitches of the laptop, most of them are regarding Linux.)
  • Framework Laptop has many advantages. This survey is only about reliability.

Are you satisfied with the reliability of the laptop?
Will you trust it to work any time and use it in serious business or academic settings?
for instance,

  • You work in the industry and need to demo to your client anytime
  • You are a professor, need to teach
  • You are a researcher and need to catch deadlines and submit papers to academic conferences.

In any of these use cases, a framework laptop needs to be as reliable as a ThinkPad, you can trust and feel safe and be confident that it will not fail you in these critical cases.

Talk about your experience and thoughts, thanks. When you share your experience, please also provide info about your laptop 11th gen or 12th gen? Batch number? How much time you have used your laptop?

I have ordered the 12th gen framework laptop batch 2, it should be shipped soon. I am a researcher. I need a reliable laptop.

None of the above but I have a 1165 with Win 11 for six months and use it 6 hours a day with no problem.

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