[Victory] Framework follows through on it's promise to make schematics open to Repair Shops

Louis Rossmann: Owner of Rossmann Repair Group and advocate for right to repair has confirmed that Framework has allowed him to gain access to schematics for the diagnoses and repairs of Framework computers under NDA.

While this is not ideal and I’m sure Framework would have much preferred to make schematics available to end users, big companies like Intel and Compal still stand in their way to making this happen. Here’s to appreciating the steps that Framework has taken and the hope that legislation and industry pressure forces these big companies to release schematics to the general public as well as give Framework permission to do so as well!

Louis’s video

Framework’s current stance on schematics:

To handle the rare situations in which deeper electrical repairs to the mainboard are needed outside of the warranty period, we’re also making schematics and assembly drawings available to repair shops. Repair shops that get Framework products in can reach out to our support team to sign a form for access. This philosophy has been frustratingly missing from most of electronics, and we’re excited to build a computer that is truly yours to do what you want with.






The parts people who like to do simple casemods, can do so. most external (for the motherboard) IO is described and pinout availeble (you can even tell they thought about touchscreen addition)

if you want to repair it, well, NDA, sadly, but its possible. I dont have a shop or company, so sadly cant get a NDA signed for full schematics, but even so… what are you guys even planning on using them for? repair? contact a repair shop that has, and ask if you can learn at their place (at a fee?) or suggestion? a part number? if its anything more than a few resistors or caps, you gonna need better tools and schematics, why not start a shop or go to one anyway? Its never been sold as a openhardware project, because eh, well, Intel doesnt work that way. Maybe if Framework works on a RiscV board, they can release all the schematics we want from the start. (I would buy btw, a RiscV board)

I think its important to remember that if you are disappointed in what Framework has provided, we need to go after the real problems: Intel, Compal, Realtek, and all those companies who are preventing framework from releasing what they want. What they haven’t released has not been a decision of Framework itself, rather a decision of their suppliers, who sadly have power over them as a start up.