Board schematics

I am passionate about the Framework laptop for a number if reasons. Finally there’s a laptop on the horizon that is relatively sustainable, encourages me to repair it myself and lets me upgrade core components.

I am absolutely amazed by how easily repairable your laptop appears to be on a component level for anybody who can hold a screw driver. But that is not true repairability. That is replaceability.

Repairability includes the documentation for advanced users to repair broken components by identifying and replacing soldered parts like SMDs. So my question is:

Will you make board schematics available?

If not right now, will you consider doing so after a certain amount of time?

If not, what’s keeping you from doing it?

I am aware of a conversation you had with Louis Rossmann from the Right to Repair movement in the comment section of this video: Let's talk about the Framework laptop that {claims to} support right to repair - YouTube
3 months have passed since then and you have finalised the product. Maybe we can get an official response from Framework now?

Hoping to hear positive news from you.


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