Water Spillied and Resulting Corrosion in Laptop

Hey community,
Unfortunately water got spilled on my computer.
Assuming that the water did not manage to get inside of the computer, I worked with it for an hour until it froze and then did not turned on.

Ive open the computer, removed the mother board and saw that there is some corrosion, both on the computer and mother board.

Is there anything I can do to make it work again?

I’m assuming you have no soldering/board level repair experience, so if so read this, You can try giving it a clean with some Isopropyl Alcohol (preferably 70% or above) and remove all of the corrosion as corrosion is conductive so that would be your first step, also make sure anything that you can remove is removed from the mainboard like the fan, RAM, SSD. Once that is all cleaned, you can try retesting it, best to just test it without the battery using a PD power supply, if that does not work you are most likely SOL. If you really want to fix it, you can take it to a repair shop that preferably specialises in micro-soldering. If you are fairly experienced in microsoldering, you can do the same steps I mentioned above, and then begin checking for shorts using a thermal camera and multimeter and replacing any components that get overly hot (do note that occasionally the thing that gets hot is the symptom not the cause), this is much more complex though

  1. When you spill water on a laptop immediately poweroff. 2) Tear it apart. 3) Dry it…make sure it is completely dry, do not use any tricks you’ve seen on the internet, air dry the thing. 4) Put it back together and hopefully the only thing broken is the keyboard.

You did none of this, and now the reality is it is very likely cheaper to replace the board, than to get it repaired. Since it froze, that is likely the moment something got fried. Fried = broken = dead. Take it to a repair shop and get an estimate, but I would plan on replacing the motherboard.

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