[RESPONDED] Water damage recovery (keyboard, backlight & lid sensor)

water was spilled on my 11th gen 13" framework. this has caused a few issues that i’m hoping to resolve.

the keyboard and backlight do not work, while the trackpad and fingerprint sensor work.
edit: the light on the fingerprint sensor doesn’t turn on either. this issue is present at all times (bios, windows & linux). i’ve tried:

  • reconnecting the keyboard membrane & keyboard backlight cables.
  • resetting the embedded controller (held power for ~20s).
  • using laptop without any expansion cards.
  • completely replacing input cover.

so after replacing the input cover and the issues persisting. the cause is probably from some other part of the system, however i’m not sure what that can be.

also, the lid sensor isn’t working properly, the behaviour is different between windows and linux.

  • windows automatically ignores the the lid sensor, nothing happens when lid closes.
  • linux would frequently lock (< 15s) until ignoring the lid sensor in systemd-logind.

i haven’t taken any steps to resolve this yet.

additionally, i’ve confirmed the following to be working as expected:

  • 3.5mm audio output
  • camera
  • microphone
  • fingerprint sensor
  • trackpad
  • tpm (there were issues on the first boot after spill)
  • wifi
  • bluetooth
  • display
  • fans (might be louder, hard to be certain)

all suggestions are welcome,

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Sounds to me, like some part of the mainboard has a problem, or problems. Can you post high-quality pictures of the mainboard alone, without the cooler from both sides?

Keep in mind that you need thermal paste, if you put the cooler back on.

photo of the inside, with a partial of the original input cover as well.

@devryd, since i’m still using the laptop i’ll have to take the mainboard out in the future if it’s necessary. maybe something stands out from this perspective alone.

Remove the connector of the input cover and share a close up picture. As the keyboard isnt working, there might be corrosion in there.

You will need to most likely open a support ticket. However, you can try some of the suggestions in this thread, first.


In case you weren’t aware already, I believe the lid sensor is located within the small 3.5mm audio output board. So you might want to look there for damage, corrosion, water deposits, + its ribbon cable connectors.

How long ago was the water spill? It was plain water?
Here is what you can do Electronics Water Damage - iFixit
But it would be good to see what support says first. Perhaps they could offer something.

@MJ1 & @devryd thanks for those recommendations, i’ll take a look at the relevant connectors for corrosion & article as well. i was told it was just water, but when initially cleaning the internals a few weeks ago the liquid was slightly cloudy. that said, the issues are the same now as they were the day after the damage.

@Matt_Hartley support has responded since making this post, so i’ll transition to speaking to them for troubleshooting.

after coming to some sort of solution with support i’ll update this thread for possible future reference.


Fantastic, appreciate the update.