We are not sustainable (environmental impact-wise)

And neither is any other device maker. This industry is full of “feel good” messaging, but generates 50 million metric tons of e-waste each year. We believe the best way to reduce environmental impact is to create products that last longer, meaning fewer new ones need to be made. Instead of operating on feels, we operate on data and actions. With funding from Intel, we commissioned Fraunhofer IZM to do a detailed life cycle analysis (LCA) on Framework Laptop 13 to help us understand where we are today and where we can continue to improve. Check out our thoughts on reducing environmental impact and download the LCA report here.

Production update on Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series)

We continue to be on track to start shipments before the end of the month on the new Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series). Last week we shared that SMT (Mainboard production) had started, and this week we’ve begun final assembly of laptops. We also pulled some early units to send out to press reviewers to make sure that you can see exactly where we’ve landed on performance and battery life. We have another happy bit of news to share with you: our Lead System Architect Kieran was able to implement a firmware solution to reduce power consumption when using HDMI and DP Expansion Cards on the back two slots. The only remaining power issue is with USB-A Expansion Cards on the back slots, which we are investigating a future USB-A Expansion Card hardware revision to resolve.

Modular gaming handheld by pitstoptech

We are constantly amazed by the ways community members re-mix modules from Framework Laptops. The most recent mind-blowing example is a modular gaming handheld by pitstoptech with detachable controllers, using a Framework Laptop 13 Mainboard and Battery. This specific instance incorporates last year’s 12th Gen Intel Core Mainboard, but with this year’s Ryzen 7040 Mainboards, gaming performance should exceed Steam Deck and other similar handhelds. This is a great way to re-use Mainboards, whether you have a leftover one after upgrading your Framework Laptop or you picked up one of the newly discounted ones in the Marketplace. You can follow along for updates on pitstoptech’s YouTube channel or in the Framework Community.


The transparency here is great! Thanks for the updates.

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thanks for the title change :slight_smile:


I was wondering if you ever got into contact with fairphone. I could imagine, that in the beginning they were facing similar problems concerning improving the ecological and social sustainability. To some extent it seems that they found at least some better solutions than most other smartphone brands/producers. And yes, smartphones are not notebooks. But maybe they have enough in common to help framework to improve a bit on the base of their experience?


Very looking forward to the reviews, especially the battery life. I’m hyped af!


Fairphone does great things, but as someone who has several of their phones in my house, I see one area that Framework has focused on that they have not. Fairphone could do so much more with sustainability if they made their phone upgradable. However, when the FP2 stopped getting updates, you were left with the only recourse of buying a new FP3, 4, or 5. I’m not complaining. I love my FP4, even though right after getting it they announced the nearly identical looking FP5.

Framework on the other hand sells an upgradable laptop in every sense of the word.

Framework you are beautiful inside and out!


Can I ask if you have gotten the the FP5? I am considering it comparing to the Pixel 8. Wondering what quirks I have to deal with especially because the phone will be used for work and sensitive stuff which has MDM. Would be an issue if I had to sideload apps to get a smooth experience (which I can’t).

I too wish that Fairphone was upgradable, or at the very least, used parts from Samsung/iPhones which are much easily sourced for ease of repair I guess.

I feel they can learn from Framework regarding the chassis design too.

Not sure what you mean. I run E OS on both my older FP3 and my current FP4. However, besides loosing the audio jack the FP4 is an upgrade to the FP3 in terms of performance.

If you could be more specific I might be able to give you what you need.

I think Framework and Fairphone teaming up for a Framephone would be pretty cool.


I am interested in the Fairphone 5 but I realise I can’t find much reviews on it. I am deciding should I get the upcoming Pixel 8 or the Fairphone 5.

I have heard various teething issues such as requiring to sideload the GCam app to get better photos and a very rough around the edges UI/software which can’t take advantage of the good underlying hardware.

So wanted to get your thoughts on that. I can’t root my phone nor sideload apps (due to security that would be configured on to my phone) so I was wondering if the stock experience is good enough as compared to like a modern Pixel phone.

Framework | Carbon Capture

Note that Carbon Capture purchases are non-refundable, because what would that even mean?



It comes with stock android. Or if you get it from Murena you can get it with degoogled E OS. That is what I have on my fairphones. Highly recommend. But as I have not used a non-de-googled smartphone for a long time, I’m not sure I can really answer.

I’ll just say that I can use my banking apps, paypal, even google maps without a problem.


Thanks, my issue is more like the Android MDM that would be on my phone may not like any non-stock changes so I am kinda worried about that as it would mean I am probably stuck to all the stock experience unlike the past where the phone was solely for personal use.

When refunding Carbon Capture purchases, Framework emits an extra amount of CO2 :smiley:

Not a fan of fairphone, the removal of 3.5mm headphone jack showed their hypocrisy.

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