Welcome! Please introduce yourself - 2nd edition

Im a Sec Engineer (ans also sys admin because company wont hire enough people…)
I was given free budget to pick w/e laptop i wanted to replace my Dell and Macbook that were my work systems.
My Framework 13 AMD on Fedora with a Windows VM has replaced both of those systems as daily workhorse.

welcome to the community. Enjoy the hardware!


More reliable than what? what is the basis on? and using what interfaces/hardware/software?

if you use some specific software that is bias towards Mac, then no probably now (Scarlett Audio as an example - they put more dev/effort in their Mac drivers than Windows, and rely complete on community drivers for Linux)

but is Framework hardware reliable? yes. i can say without any doubts that Framework systems have great quality control, and work as advertised.

If your question is more about firmware of MIDI devices, drivers, and OS with specific DAW/modelers, thats not really a hardware issue but software.
I’ve only messed with Amphub and reaper with a basic Interface (i only play guitar) and it has had zero issues.

Welcome to the community! It will be an interesting wait for sure, hope you like it here.

Welcome to the Framework community Tim, thank you for your kind words!

Hello my name is Sean. Forgot to introduce myself a while back. Love my Framework 13 and looking forward to the Framework 16. Hope you all enjoy the Holidays Framework Team.


Welcome to the community Sean!

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Polymath, soul surfer, can’t concentrate on just one thing. Must learn “All the things”
Retired from Medical Device R&D world, learned about Framework from the Start 9 community. Wood Metal Audio artist. Love to make purdy things for people that look and sound good.
Hope to share something productive

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Welcome to the community!

Hi, everyone!

Educator and researcher in the fields of information systems and business analytics, got my Framework Laptop 13 AMD DIY last week, run Debian 12 and use it for teaching, research, paperwork / office productivity, …

Been using Lenovo laptops for more than one decade, but this time I have chosen a Framework since I did not want to replace the Laptop whenever the battery has reached EOL once again. I really like Framework’s concept of being repair-friendly in terms of construction and spare part supply.


Welcome to the community!

Hello everyone!
Professional software engineer, casual game developer, and thus by necessity, occasional 3d artist. Favorite engine to work in is Godot, have worked in Unity and Ren’Py, always willing to figure something out if it’s good for the project I want to build.
I’m jumping into this ecosystem to have a long term, sustainable, powerful machine for travel and local games running at, for instance, local breweries and such. I will be running Arch on mine. Please point me to relevant dev docs / threads on the subject, as above, willing to learn.
Looking forward to it all!


Welcome to the community! Can’t wait to see your art/games you will create on your Framework machine!