Welcome! Please introduce yourself - 2nd edition

Welcome to the community Bryan and congrats for the new title!

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Third day with my AMD Ryzen 7 Framework 13. Very impressed with the fit and finish of this computer. Great keyboard. Excellent screen.

I ordered it and before it arrived the price dropped $100 and new versions of the computer showed up. Oh well. Somebody has to buy things and get caught in the moment that the product line changes. No matter. I am really happy with this machine and so far I am enjoying the support of the Framework community. Asked a question in this community chat and had an answer the next day – great.

I am Professor of Neuroscience who studies alcohol responses using the fruit fly model system. I have used Macs since the late 80’s. I have always kept a linux box around since about 92 or so as a hobby or sometimes for work. Decided to make the switch in my work. Planning on making this my major laptop but I also have a Macbook Air running Linux Mint that I like.

I am looking forward to using this laptop during my university lectures. Figure that will advertise Framework to the next generation of customers. Don’t mind doing that for a company that is trying so hard to reduce waste.

Looking forward to interacting with all of you now and then.
Best wishes,


Welcome to the community Nigel, it’s great to have you here!

Hello there !

I’m an engineer in a small start-up and had the advantage to choose my work’s laptop. My choice landed to the AMD Ryzen 7040 Framework 16 :slight_smile:
I love the idea of an easily reparable and up-gradable laptop.

I’m mainly registering to the community as I have some trouble with my Framework, and while waiting for support response, I thought I could ask the community for things I haven’t yet tried. And because being part of this community could always be helpful to me and others :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community! Hope you can find a solution soon but decide to stay here anyway!

Thanks for the welcome @Destroya :slight_smile:

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I’m Babylion122 of Babylion122 Studios, and I make games!

I currently do not own my own Framework, yet, but I’m saving for one ($480/600, gonna get a factory seconds probably!) my current laptop is an HP ProBook x360 11 G3 EE that I purchased from my old school whilst they were phasing them out, it has a ton of IO, a touchscreen (it flips), and a pretty awesome keyboard and trackpad, however its BIOS is locked down so I had to workaround it by installing Linux to the drive directly using a USB adapter and then putting it back in, and its pretty hard to upgrade with no Ram Slots, so I’ve decided I want a Framework laptop as my next upgrade, and I came here to learn about it! (Also the laptop is kind of slow… Intel Celeron N4100 is a big issue for me, but I still make games on it despite that!). I did recently move to a Steam Deck as my main development device however since my game development software was taking 2 seconds to process one character of text when renaming files.

So, that’s who I am, and where I’m coming from, hope to post more and read more in this community!


howdy everyone, I am an industrial electrical technician, I make the big factory robots work sometimes, I saw Linus talk about the framework 16 and opted to get it for my second round of collage cus I wanted a laptop that I can fix and modify on the fly and has a number pad, I have been using it for a few months now and I love this thing :smiley:


Welcome to the community! If you feel comfortable sharing, I’m sure you will find many alpha testers for your games here!

Welcome to the community Ricky, happy to hear that you love it!

Hello! I am a stupid computer nerd who sometimes likes to talk about ISAs and linux. I bought the framework laptop a few days ago and it was just shipped out today. I bought it to replace my old and crappy samsung chromebook 3 and I can’t wait for it to arrive!


Welcome Micheal, I hope it’ll be up to your expectations.

Take care

Hello. Electronics Engineer, IT professional and Linux/FOSS enthusiast, first installed linux from a floppy in the 90s, enjoyed many distros but keep coming back to Fedora for fun and Centos/Alma/ucore for servers. Big fan of Nix and Nixos too but these days I’m especially loving the work Jorge’s team are doing with Universal Blue, it seems to be the perfect OS match for a Framework. Received my F16 today, up and running on Universal Blue’s Bluefin-dx flawless, fast, super impressive and a great h/w s/w collaboration with Framework. Finger print login for login, sudo etc is a typing saver. Love the ‘Right to repair’ concept and the cause of open software on open hardware! Wish everyone at Framework all the best, hoping for stellar growth in the future and thanks for the great product.

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