Welcome! Please introduce yourself - 2nd edition

Hey Guys, i am from Germany, 30years young and a PC Hardware/Gaming/Car Enthusiast.
As i wanted a full AMD Notebook for Deployments with USB 4 for my eGPU at Home, there was not much Option than ordering a Framwork 16 with dGPU :slight_smile: I am powering a Legion Go + RX6800xt USB4 eGPU right now as my one and only Setup and well its not that great as an all Purpose Device while being on the “Go” and the Lack of 32GB+ Ram its not great for some Situations. So i opted for the Framework Laptop 16.
Im looking forward to get my Batch 20 :heart:

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welcome to the community! ‘30 years young’ lol I love it!

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…Michael, from canada, the rest of my story is rather complicated, I’ll perhaps give more details later.

I’m here to ask one rather simple question. In my experience, there has only been one part of my laptops that has ever given me issues: the usb ports. that is, for now, the only reason I’m interested in the framework. The reason is simple: usb ports are the one part of a laptop, in my experience, that experience extensive wear-and-tear. via the process of inserting and pulling out usb-keys. I have had to replace entire motherboards solely because the usb ports stopped working, due to wear. So, does the framework laptop provide a solution to this problem? If I get a framework, and the usb ports eventually wear out, can I replace -them- -without- replacing the entire motherboard? I have searched for “replacement usb ports for framework laptop” and found nothing, and searched the “replacement parts” part of the framework website, and not found any usb ports, so I am suspecting that this is not in fact the case.

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In fact that’s one of the primary reasons I bought mine.

As an onsite computer repair tech I replace motherboards all the time - and easily half are because of a loose or intermittent USB-C port.

The great thing about the Framework is that the motherboard’s USB ports are protected by the chassis - and the user interacts with cheap, easily replaced USB-C (and other) ports to plug into over and over. In fact the USB-C expansion card is really just a physical extension of the motherboard’s port.

If that’s your one concern, then rest assured the FWLT has a great solution.

And… welcome!

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thanks!! …if that’s the case, can you point me to where I can purchase these replacement ports? because as I said, I looked, and found nothing… I mean, I’ve found usb-ports online, I think sparkfun had some, but I then checked my laptop and found that -it’s- usb ports weren’t the same shape, so clearly, there is more than one kind of usb-port…

All FW13 mainboards come with 4 USB4 ports in USB-C form. The FW16 comes with 6.

Framework’s idea is that you get to decide what ports you want: USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, DisplayPort, microSD card reader, storage, Ethernet, headphone jack. Full sized SD is in development. So they make expansion cards that plug into the USB-C port in the motherboard and lock into slots in the chassis.

You insert the ones you need and can swap them out when you want.

The idea is the motherboard ports are protected and see limited connect/disconnect cycles while the much cheaper expansion cards take all the wear and can be replaced affordably.

You can get as many as you want when you buy the laptop or you can get more later.

Here they all are. Framework | Framework Marketplace | Expansion Cards

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Welcome to the community Michael! As others have already answered, the answer to your questions is yes. if your USB A port is damaged/broken for any reason, you simply replace the expansion card and you have a new port, there is no need to replace the mainboard.


hah! no wonder I didn’t find it! you rock! 12 bucks? sold! ><


Hello! I am an urban planner and aspiring homesteader in upstate NY. Among a wide range of interests, I like to build desktop PCs so Framework is a great fit for me. Moving over from several generations of Mac laptops. I should note that I don’t have one yet, but will be purchasing a 16” when a Strix Point (Halo?) mainboard is released.

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Welcome to the community!!

Just ordered my first Framework laptop an hour ago. Been intrigued about what Framework is doing ever since they started and very stoked to make the 13" AMD version my daily driver. Long time FOSS enjoyer, just need to pick which distro I am going to be installing now :smiley:

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Hello, part of Batch 20 for the Framework 16. Starting a new job soon, and I will be using this new laptop for the new job. Excited for both the job & the laptop!