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Software engineer, gadget and puzzle enthusiast, avid gamer - previous follower of Phonebloks and Project Ara. Even if the specs don’t make this a gaming powerhouse, I firmly support modularity, customization, and the recycling aspect of “don’t throw away the whole unit when one component breaks” as is so often the case these days.

Doing it this way may be less profitable (see planned obsolescence over industries outside of computing too…), but it’s the RIGHT way to do it, and investing time and effort will lend to more scalable concepts and designs over time.


Quasi retired IT professional with mostly Windows server and VMware experience. I always love getting my hands on some new hardware and love the DYI aspect of this project.


Long-time Apple user who moved to Linux Manjaro last year. My main computer remains a mid-2010 iMac computer. I replaced the failed HD with an SSD card, which required using car windshield sucking cups! Although I still have a macOS partition, I spend 99% of my digital time in Manjaro. I’ve been looking into multiple interesting DIY/user upgradable solutions in the laptop and mini form factors. Apart of Framework, the MNT Reform project has caught my eye. Would be great to see some collaboration between the two!


Soon-to-be computer science / technology student looking for a laptop to last me through college (and beyond). Need something portable that’ll grow with me, and that satisfies my need to tinker. Got send here by Louis Rossmann.
I like building my own PCs, and always hated just how restrictive modern laptops are. It really feels impossible to buy anything that’ll last you for a long time, they really don’t make them like the Macbook that lasted my friend 10 years before becoming obsolete…
My main question is what the pricing is going to be like. There’s a lot to be said about saving money by upgrading instead of replacing, but the expansion cards especially feel like the type of gadget that usually comes with a huge price premium.
Another worry of mine is the drivers and bios. Got burned pretty hard by the Lenovo yoga, practically unusable with the Wifi issues and randomly draining battery. Also the processor throttled to hell at low battery, apparently caused by poorimplementation of the Ryzen chip.


Automotive engineer, farmer, general nerd from Missouri. I appreciate things that can be fixed. I’ve always been an Mac user (much to the dismay of my engineering colleagues) but I am not a fan of the post-Steve Jobs Apple philosophy of non-serviceable systems: I always have figured if somebody creates a system, somebody else should be able to work on that system.

I mostly use a computer as an interface between me and instrumented test engines, so the concept of expansion cards sold me. It would be nice to be able to be able to build integrated sensor ports, since a lot of engine sensors use funky plugs. If that’s possible, a Framework would be a one-stop diagnostics machine. I’d still use it to game though.


Hi, I’m founder of 3mdeb Embedded Systems Consulting company which specialize in Open Source Firmware. I help companies worldwide realize their products’ potential by supporting secure upgradeability and enabling advanced hardware features through firmware.

I’m specialize in Embedded Firmware (coreboot, UEFI), Embedded Linux (Yocto, Buildroot, OpenWrt), and Trusted Execution Environments. My teams contributed to NGI projects related to open source implementation of Trusted Computing D-RTM (aka TrenchBoot), a firmware update for QubesOS and BSD systems through fwupd/LVFS, and plan to bring more open-source firmware hardware-related projects in the future. We were also first to implement Intel Boot Guard support in coreboot. We also provide regular status about OSF support for AMD on FOSDEM [2020] [2021].

I’m an active leader in the firmware community, speaking at events like the Platform Security Summit, Open Source Firmware Conference, and FOSDEM about open-source firmware and hardware adoption and security.

Feel free to talk with me about anything firmware related.


Hallo ihr alle,
ich bin T.S. Spivet (das ist natürlich nicht mein richtiger Name, aber ich bin lieber vorsichtig, den mit Fremden im Internet zu teilen, obwohl ich nichts schlechtes über euch denke…)
Ich bin 16 Jahre alt und wohne in Deutschland, ich kann also Deutsch und Englisch sprechen. Ich habe ein Fairphone 3 und dort im Forum über dieses Projekt gelesen und war sofort begeistert, da ich mich einerseits für Technik/Elektronik/Reperaturen (right to repair) interessiere und andererseits für Sicherheit/Privatsphäre/FOSS usw. (Und außerdem für Umweltschutz und Nachhaltigkeit)
Schön, dass ich mich hier mit anderen Leuten austauschen und diskutieren kann und hoffentlich Antworten auf eventuelle Fragen finde.
Einen schönen Tag euch allen,

Hello everybody,
I’m T.S. Spivet (that’s not my real name, of course, but I’d rather be careful sharing that with strangers on the internet, although I don’t think anything bad about you guys…).
I’m 16 years old and live in Germany, so I can speak German and English. I have a Fairphone 3 and read there in the forum about this project and was immediately enthusiastic, because I am interested in technology/electronics/repairs (right to repair) on the one hand and in security/privacy/FOSS etc. on the other hand. (And also for environmental protection and sustainability)
Nice to be able to share and discuss with other people here and hopefully find answers to any questions I may have.
Have a great day everyone,

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Hi, I’m Will. I have owned Apple computers since I was a wee lad on an Apple IIGS. But I would love to switch to something user-repairable, even if It means I’m using Windows. I would perhaps consider Linux, but I’ve never used it before.

Anyway, I’m a 37 year old father of 2, a project manager by day and console gamer and night.

I prefer laptops to desktops so the possibility of getting one that can be repaired, upgraded and maintained in a more piecemeal fashion that current design allows is absolutely incredible.


Hi everyone! I’m a welding student and computer hobbyist. So happy to see projects like Framework and I want to get my hands on one!


I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science, looking forward to getting my 64gb RAM frame.work laptop


Hello all,

My name is @Michael_Richards I stumbled onto Framework when I was trying to figure out whether or not I could use a Rasperry Pi into a daily computing device. My research into Linux, affordability, useablility, components, repairability led me to Framework.

I am currently without a computer and writing this on a - just out of warranty - iPad (this unit is actually the warranty replacement for the one I purchased). The unit is flexing and screen is showing microfractures… anyone know how to easily AND cheaply fix an iPad Air 3? It’s just not feasible…

There is a better way, and I love that the Framework team is taking it on.

Ergonomics is a huge passion of mine. Not just the body-machine-OS interface but also how does a device affect socio-economic status of the individual involved in it’s use and production? How does a product/device affect the liveability of the organisms (including the user) in the environment (Earth) in which it exists?

Background in disability and poverty, advocate for the rights of marginalized peoples, environmentalist, photographer, writer, gravel cyclist, husky-blue heeler cross companion, lover of tech, and happy to be here.

Absolutely open to collaboration with likeminded individuals like yourselves!

Let’s change the world!



Hello all.
I am a comprehensive school teacher in Germany and rediscovered Linux for myself 2 years ago.
Almost as long I use and love my ThinkPad T430 with ElementaryOS.
I prefer to use it privately than my MacBook Air.
In the Linux news I also learned about Frame.Work.
My buddy and I have been looking for a laptop for a long time that you can assemble yourself (like LEGO) and assemble well.
We are looking forward to the DIY model and the performance comparison between Windows and ElementaryOS.


Hi All,
I am a Field Service Technician who repairs medical systems for hospitals. While I don’t anticipate needing to repair this laptop, I do like that it’s possible. The community and marketplace is what I found most intriguing about this product. I love the idea of being able to upgrade/replace modules with used modules or being able to sell older modules when you upgrade reducing e-waste. I have also been extremely impressed with @nrp and his team’s involvement in this community!

My pre-order is in and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for framework!


Seems I might be a bit different from all those here in computer related industries, students etc. I’m a 70 year old retired lawyer who became interested in computers in the early 1980s when the BBC in the UK introduced a computer and accompanied it by a TV program all about computing at that time. I remember it had 16k (yes kilobytes) of RAM but was upgradeable, by adding an external box half the size of the computer, to 32k.

A library photo - not my original one.


I think the philosophy behind the Framework computer is really good in these days of laptops being locked down with soldered RAM, soldered wifi cards and pretty much soldered everything. Looking forward to getting mine!


Hello everyone,
I am a self-taught developer living in France. I work in IT. Interested in open-source and privacy.
This project, I dreamed of it and the Framework team is doing it. Thanks for that. My favorite everyday OS is the GNU / Debian distribution but I’m open to any open-source OS.
– Sorry but I am using “Google Translate” my English handwriting is not good enough even though I read it. Privacy I said? :upside_down_face:


Junior in Computer Engineering at Purdue. I’m getting a framework laptop mainly for the upgradeability and for the Linux Support. I refuse to use Windows 10 on my laptop because having a proper cli environment is super convenient for a programmer (I do development on a Linux server I self-host, but testing locally is nice).


An Engineer of 25 years and a life time void-er of warranties.
I’ve owned the Fair phone 3 now for over a year and love the ethos. I recently had to play the eBay lottery to try to find a good ‘new’ battery for my current laptop.
I’d love to join in the framework movement but I also like to keep my current laptop running for as long as I can …decisions decisions. My last old laptop I refurbed and gave to a friends child for their school work… so maybe I DO need a new laptop :wink:


I hate about me bits. I recently did an interview for ZSA.io, a mechanical keyboard company, that talks about me better than I can here.

The one thing not covered there, because of the timing, is the fact that I immediately bought a Framework Laptop the moment I heard of it, and I have never bought a new laptop before. I support this device design philosophy fully. I actually checked the jobs page immediately after I bought the device.


I’m an Embedded Developer.
One normal day Just searching about PhoneBlock Idea on the internet, and stumbled upon Framework.
And the global E-Waste problem interests me to move toward Framework.
What I’m hoping to get from the community.

  • Some Really Great Expansion Cards ideas.
  • Low-cost second-Hand hardware upgrades. (By Resseling it on any platform - Remember, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” )
    The last thing I want to from the community is to encourage someone to adopt this new great idea by Framework.

Hi! :wave:t4: I’m a Web developer looking to replace a 2018 MacBook Pro that was returned to Apple twice in one year (in 2019 and 2020) to have most of its components replaced. The Framework laptop intrigues me because if anything breaks I can fix it myself instead of paying someone money. I plan to run the latest version of Fedora on mine.