Welcome! Please introduce yourself


I’m currently finishing an associate in Network Operations and Management as well as my Project Management certification. I may continue on to a four year degree but that’s still up in the air. This is my second time going back to school.

Most of my experience is not tech related at all. My current professional background is in animal care and has been for about 10 or so years.

I build and maintain my own desktop computers. I travel a bit and since it’s not exactly practical to bring you desktop with you I was in need of a laptop. My current one is starting to hit the end of it’s life even after replacing parts.

A friend of mine told me about Framework. I was skeptical at first, but after looking at other’s experiences with it online I began to warm up to the idea. The modularity and upgradable aspects are really what I’m interested in, as well has the expansion cards. I’m excited to see what the community can create on that front.

I’m in batch 6 so I haven’t gotten the laptop yet, but the more I look around this forum the more excited I am to get started with it.


Hello everyone,

I am software developer in New Hampshire. A co-worker told me about the Framework laptop. I think he learned about it from Linus Tech Tips.

I was in the market for a new laptop because my 5 year old MacBook was having a number of problems. The main reasons why I decided to buy a Framework laptop are repairability and modularity. It’s important to me to be able to swap out a component if it fails or if I want to upgrade it.

And now that I’ve had my Framework in hand for 2 days, I am very happy with the purchase!


AWS / Azure / IBM Cloud certified architect, working in South America, i bought my Framework laptop on the USA and imported it to my country as it’s not available here yet.

I tend to fix everything that goes bad, my cell phone is repaired by myself (a little frankenstain made from two dead phones), my last laptop (a mac) was repaired by myself… a couple months ago my wife’s laptops died and gave her my Mac, and now The framework is my new laptop.


Hi everyone!
I’m a mechanical engineering student. Till now I was a „silent“ reader of this forum since it started this year. I learned about Framework on Tested the YouTube channel and I fell immediately in love with this product and the company.And as much as I would love to apply at Framework, unfortunately I’m living in Germany and don’t have a green card in the US.

In my fee time I like tinkering with SBC‘s (single board Computers like Rasperry), 3d printing and cnc machining.About my mindset:I love the open source community and want to be a part of it as often as I can. So I’m mostly a Linux user (Mint and Zorin); I have a Prusa Mini and a MPCNC (Mostly Printed CNC). I do strongly believe that open source enhances ideas and lead to a better thing.

My equipment:
As for now, I use a self build Ryzen desktop with Linux Mint; A Microsoft Surface Go (with LTE) with an Android emulator; And a Lenovo ThinkPad E495.I personally don’t like smartphones, so I use an older Nokia with physical buttons for calling and the Surface Go for WhatsApp. So no Framework Laptop jet, as I don’t need one. But when I get asked, I will definitely suggest one to my friends.

I totally want Framework to be a success and therefor I will support their mission.


Howdy all! I’m excited to be here and to learn a lot! I’m a young adult that works at a sheet metal shop with no real major experience in computer hardware. I have built myself a desktop PC and I find pleasure in watching various YouTube videos surrounding PCs. I am also very interested lately in being more responsible about the things I use and consume. I want to use things that are repairable and are intended to last for the long haul. I’m tired of “cheap” stuff that is intended to be thrown away. This is why I am excited for the #framework-laptop. I’m excited that I’m finally in a place to participate in something new and support this up and coming product.

I discovered Framework over the summer as my favorite tech YouTubers started creating videos around it. When I saw Linus from LTT was so excited even to the point of investing in the company himself, I was sold. The more videos I watched, the more my confidence in what the vision of this company is grew.

I can’t wait to explore and see what kinds of things I’ll be able to do with this laptop. I don’t even have it yet and exploring the community, I’m seeing all kinds of posts helping people deal with problems that have popped up or brainstorming new expansion cards. I’m excited!


Hi all,

I am a tech enthusiast now working on getting ther first wireless docking station on to the market: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLqxYBxNZKE. Been following the Framework journey for quite a bit now and I want to stay closer to the community and better understand where the future of laptops is heading and what the needs of the community and the end user are.

Looking forward to having some nice discussions on here.



Hello, all!

I’m a System Admin going back to school for a career change to Computer Engineering. Someday I’d love to work at Framework, but that’s a few years out!

I don’t remember where I first heard about Framework, but it was probably on reddit or Hacker News. I’ve been on a relatively new Macbook and wasn’t really due for an upgrade, but I love the mission behind Framework so much that I went ahead and splurged on one anyway. I was missing Linux too, so this gives me a good excuse to try out a few modern distros.

I’ve been lurking on the forum for a bit, but I am hoping to become more involved with helping people troubleshoot their laptops. I’m also interested in developing an extension card or two.


Hello everyone! Or as it is said in my language “Moin!”.

I am Dr/PhD Student and Researcher in Northern Germany, studying AI/Operations Research, Blockchain and Sustainability in Logistics.
Currently I am working on an XPS 13 7390 2-in-1. Which I quiet like but am not a 100% happy with. Am looking for something more sustainable with more Ram to upgrade to. Addiationaly the Touch Screen on the XPS isn’t that great so I guess I will add an iPad to my Framework Laptop at some point, for all the research papers I am reading…

I joined the community to find out when the Laptop will arrive in Germany and also how I can help the development and anything else happening! :slight_smile:

Happy to get to know everyone of you guys and I am looking forward to any messagens hitting my inbox!

– Julian alias Newgefarmer



Linux administrator / engineer here from Canada. I have been a Linux enthusiast for over 20 years.

The framework laptop is the first laptop I have ever purchased. I always disliked laptops as they seemed cheap, and non up-gradable. I appreciate having a high quality device. Looking forward to the experience!


Hi there,
just registered to this forum after I read a news article about Framework starting pre-orders in Europe. I’ve never heard about the company before, I confess.
I’m thinking about joining, like the idea and outer appearance, the design, a lot. But there’s something that I have to know before I pledge for an order. Better I start writing down my thoughts in a seperate topic. :wink:
I’m looking forward to opinions, others’ thoughts and the exchange here!


Hello! I am a happy Framework Laptop user. I had been working for mainly web based systems as a Software Engineer for 20+ projects in several industries, and as a Analyst in marketing for retention based system (gaming). Now I have been working for the Ruby project (ruby-lang.org) + Ruby ecosystem, Fedora project and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. I had lived in Japan and Singapore, and I had stayed for 10 months in several countries as a backpacker, then started to live in Czech Republic 5+ years ago. In my spare time, I am spending time on Framework Laptop and genome sequencing in computing biology (bioinformatics) attending community events. I like traveling, and I am a kind of minimalist and ketogenic diet practitioner.

I had been a Fairphone user before knowing Framework. I remember I found Framework at the Framework company’s first blog at the end of February 2021, then shared the article to my colleagues after 1 week. Then after spending some time in this community forum to make Fedora work on Framework updating Fedora 34 wiki and communicating the maintainers of the RPM packages to be fixed for Framework, I bought Batch 2 on my own risk. I felt that I didn’t regret to donate my money even if the Framework didn’t work without any support in the worst case.

My interest is to democratise bio technology and health. I have a portable genome sequencer MinION device by the company called Oxford Nanopore and the glucose monitor FreeStyle Libre (sensor) by the company called Abbott. I had wished those kinds of hardware devices and research activities in academia would be more open and democratised for anyone in the future. And Framework was a very good start for me to live with the open hardware movement. When I found Framework, the vision and how to run the business, looked beautiful and sensible. I felt the smell of the open source project from the Framework. Do you know the book Reinventing Organization? For me, this company looked Teal organization written in the book.

I love opportunities to learn hardware and Linux as a desktop environment in this forum.


Hi there!

I recently received my Batch 6 DIY Edition and am running Fedora 35. For work, I manage a team of engineers working on supporting a major EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment; EV charging stations) manufacturer. I’m an avid linux enthusiast and am so happy that there is such a strong linux community in the Framework customer base. My current config is the i7 1165G7, 16GB RAM, and SN850 500GB. Most of my work will be in programming that ranges from embedded linux to cloud applications.

My love for open-source and upgradability drew me to Framework. I haven’t had a personal laptop in over a decade, although I have built desktops for various applications over that time. Recently, I started having the itch for a laptop that I could use for personal projects, but I wanted something with quality peripherals and wouldn’t be something I had to throw away completely in a few years. The ability to reduce waste, retain customization, and of course save money were keys in my decision to pick up a Framework.

The vision of Framework, bolstered by the community that I have see here gives me hope for the future of this space. I’m looking forward to contributing where I can and learning even more.


Robotics, computer vision, and machine learning engineer based in the Bay Area here.
I also do a lot of photography in my spare time, and also build a lot of fun gadgets and love travelling and the outdoors.


I went with Framework because I’m tired of laptop OEMs ripping me off for SSD and RAM and requiring proprietary components. Also I like that every part is sold individually so that if I crack my screen or something I can just replace that component alone.

I run Ubuntu Linux.


Hello friends!
My name is Vladimir.
I speak Russian and English, live in France, I’m deep in blockchain and community development, and I really interested in upgradeable technics.

I have several interesting ideas, how to promote Framework, and I will glad to help with community development if it’s needed)

Here is not full list of my competencies:


Hey, Chris Linux user and DevOPS engineer. This is my personal laptop though I tried to get my employer to buy it for me. For now I am stuck on a vm on OS X. I am betting with my own money here to help this be a real thing. I don’t want to be stuck with Android and IOS as my daily drive on computers that are all glued shut. My hobbies that a tech related are audio for the most part. But Linux makes me a bit of a second class citizen.

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I still consider myself some kind of “engineer” having studied and worked in the electro-mechanical design world back in the 80’s (I’m that old :slight_smile: ) These days I’m a CIO in a socially aware Saftey/Telecommunications business, a Charity Trustee and “Blood biker”. The engineer in me loves the Framework concept! Found it when reviwing Youtube for my next laptop. I hope we’ll be able to build a great community to help each other and spread the word.


Hi, I am now retired but was a mechanical engineer specialising in reliability engineering, Ubuntu has been my main OS for about 10 years, so a Framework computer ticked a lot of the boxes for me, reparable and Linux friendly, I am due to receive the machine in February and am really looking forward to playing with it.
Steven Cardiff_Wales_UK


Hello, I am a new nurse practitioner, former 13 year ICU nurse. Have worked tech jobs prior to healthcare and still dabble in tech stuff and music, mainly guitar, as hobbies. Was looking to replace my aging surface pro 5th gen. Really was sold on the serviceable aspect of the framework, the Linux support, the openness and great information I’ve been reading about. Just ordered today, and looking forward to getting my laptop soon!


Welcome @AbqNP! I think you’re probably pretty busy these days :wink: so I hope the Framework Laptop will be a nice distraction on your time off!


Yeah, busier than I could ever imagine! I can’t wait to get it! Assisting in my work and learning!! Thanks for the welcome @Fraoch !!