Western Digital is in a bit of trouble

I just watched part of the LAN Show from LTT and they were talking about western digital swapping components, link to video: I'm losing faith in Western Digital... - YouTube Would framework like to comment?

Western Digital confirmed that it was only on the SN550, and in the future, they will change the model number to indicate when they make changes that could impact performance. We only use SN730 in pre-built Framework Laptops, and we offer SN750 and SN850 for DIY Edition.


Ah alright just wanted to make sure.

This behavior is not limited to WD, fwiw. Here’s a solid article explaining the SN550 fiasco with references pointing to part-swapping as a bigger problem in the industry.

Time to double down on caveat emptor…

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Well, for the topic of this discussion, yes, we need full transparency. There are two quantifiable cock-ups: The consumer gets an inferior product wrt performance and durability.

I’ll bet I’m not alone here when I say that it’s an attitude of “consumer vigilance” that brought me here and I’ve yet to see reason to make an exception.

fwiw, ymmv, yadda yadda