What keyboard options will be available?

my ideal in terms of a keyboard would be something programable with a similar layout to the olkb planck

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Will ISO keyboard layouts be available or just American ANSI layouts? As far as I’m concerned so long as the buttons are in the ISO layout, everything else can be remapped in software. Swapping capslock and escape is my personal preference :slight_smile:

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@Moray_Macdonald We’ll have both ANSI and ISO (and eventually JIS).


Any possibility of alternate super-key artworks?

Having the Windows super-key artwork always irks me a little, and I end up covering it with a sticker or something on my linux machines :slightly_smiling_face:


About the windows logo and to become a neutral party between windows or Linux users. I think it will be better if the start button does not have any symbol attached (“Start” label only) like this one. Is this possible?


The Blank keyboards are not yet available. Is that expected by the time batch 1 ships?

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@Anil_Kulkarni we’ll likely have them available as individual modules by the time Batch 1 ships, but not as a configuration option for logistical reasons.

Thanks for the reply @nrp. Would it be possible to configure the DIY laptops without a keyboard to prevent waste? (The plan would be to purchase the blank keyboard when available)

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@Anil_Kulkarni it’s not currently possible because we had to limit the number of configurations we’re starting production on. That is something we can potentially do in the future though.


I don’t like the keyboard color - black on grey chassis

Honestly, they keyboard layout is probably a deal-breaker for me.

Just how much space is available for the keyboard, anyway? Much better layouts are possible in 30cm × 11cm. Does the Framework have less than that?

I guess I’ll be waiting for a 15" model.

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@nrp Will it be possible to swap the individual key caps/tops?

I have used both the traditional Windows/Linux style keyboard layouts and the newer Chrome OS style keyboard layouts for a long time, and the Chrome style is in my option far superior. I would therefore prefer to move around some of the function/action keys to match the Chrome style layout and then remap the functionality in software.

It would also be nice if Framework officially offered a keyboard in the Chrome style.

Chrome style keyboard examples:


The individual key caps aren’t replaceable, but only the keyboard module as a whole. You can remap the keys in software using Windows PowerToys or other tools though Install PowerToys | Microsoft Docs

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@nrp any idea if we can make a request to purchase an all black keyboard before the marketplace is up? Or do we have to wait until Aug?

We’re working on stocking up essential replacement parts on the Marketplace first, but the black and clear keyboards as well as alternate bezel colors will come soon after.


When will the blank (black) keyboard option be available. I see it listed in the keyboard blog post (with a picture) but am curious if it is on track for release with the initial release of the marketplace?

Note: I am in batch 2, so I don’t have a framework laptop as of yet.

EDIT: Just saw the reply above me, nevermind, will be my first marketplace purchase.

I don’t use the right Shift key at all. Please divide it and use that space for a full-size up/down key, and possibly more keys.


@Amaury_Bouchard Yes I have posted the same layout here:


The one thing that makes me hesitant about a Framework laptop is the keyboard. I really like having an arrow cluster that includes keys for PgUp and PgDn to make it easier to page through documents one-handed.

@nrp Why did you go with having the front panel have cutouts for the individual keys? Recent Thinkpads, for example, just have a large rectangular cutout with the bezels between the keys being part of the keyboard unit. That would allow people to more easily produce keyboards with different layouts.

After playing around with the image from the DIY Edition page in an editor, I see that you’re right. Without reducing the key pitch, there’s just not room for another column.

But personally I’d really like to see a keyboard that looks something like this edited image:


  • Key pitch doesn’t seem so important on the function row, while I do find more keys there useful. So I copied my Thinkpad and reduced the pitch: the keys are slightly narrower and most of the gaps between them are removed.
  • Reworked the arrow cluster to use 3/4 height keys (same height as the function key row), which seems nicer than half-height, and reduced them to the standard pitch.
    • I also stuck a ridge on the down-arrow key, like on the F and J keys, to help with finger positioning. And I copied Thinkpad’s lack of a gap between up and down, which also helps the positioning.
    • This makes the keyboard not be rectangular, but I think Thinkpads did the right thing with that.
  • Making the arrows standard width left some extra space in the bottom row. So I shrunk left-Ctrl to standard width, and reduced the spacebar a little too, to bring back the key between right-Alt and right-Ctrl. Recent Thinkpads put PrtSc there, with the thinking that it makes Alt+PrtSc (“screenshot of a single window” in Windows) easier to do, so I copied that assignment.
    • Not having an oversized left-Ctrl makes swapping Fn and Ctrl make more sense, IMO, because who wants an oversized Fn key? And coming from a Thinkpad, I’d want to swap them.
    • But would having the spacebar not come so far under the M be awkward for some people? I have no idea.

We have the keyboard mounted into the input cover that has key cutouts in it largely for rigidity. With a system this thin and cutouts already for the Expansion Card system, we want to keep the base rigid where we can.