What other laptops are you using other than the Framework Laptop?

This should potentially provide a range of devices that the registered forum user population have been using.

*Using as in having powered on for more than 30 minutes over the past week.

e.g. Laptop for pfSense, count. Laptop for home automation count. Laptop as a printer server, count.

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Lenovo Miix 700, used to be my daily driver before Framework, now is media consumption service where we eat meals.

Lenovo Yoga 3 pro is my girl’s sewing smart controller / pattern projector machine.

An ancient Acer 3820T is my 3d printer control head (provides convenient UI to Octoprint on a raspberry pi 3B).

Did you get that from the TigerDirect sale from a few years back?

Nope. Better yet I got it on eBay from someone who got it in that sale and took a loss on it :slight_smile:

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Sweet…that display quality was ahead of its time for the price and form factor. (I had one).

Can’t get a Framework in my country yet so I’m using a Dell Latitude 3510 supplied by my employer, and my personal Thinkpad T430.

ThinkPad x200 - pfSense for home internet (first line)
ThinkPad x220 - pfSense for work-from-home internet (second line)
ThinkPad x230 - Hackintosh (referenced from this github)
ThinkPad x230 (2nd one) - Hackintosh trial (pre-prod, if you will)
ThinkPad w520 - Network management console
ThinkPad w541 - Banking / Finance
Precision M4700 - NAS console
ThinkPad P15 Gen 2 - Work
ThinkPad T480 - Work
ThinkPad T490 - Work
Latitude 5590 - Work
Latitude E6420 XFR - Work
Asus TUF A15 - Gaming - my least favourite machine of the lot
Matebook X Pro 2018 - Hackintosh (2nd least favourite)
Framework - Not sure what to do with it yet…Only used it for less than 300 hours)

Need to switch out half of those in the next 2 years or so…

I am currently using a Dell Latitude E6440 laptop I got used from my Dad’s work. I just purchased a framework yesterday that I am waiting to get shipped. I will likely use my current laptop as a server, but I have to other desktops that are performing that task already.

Dell Precision M4800 (4810MQ, K1100M) as my main PC at this point. I do have a 2005 Inspiron 1000 and a C2D D630 kicking around for fun, but I really do need to get rid of those, as they are taking up space for nothing at this rate.

For the Precision, I broke the clip on the keyboard ZIF connector… which isn’t sold separately anymore, so it’d need a motherboard if I want to use the internal keyboard. I just said screw it and set an external keyboard on top which I am currently typing on.

I used to video edit and game a lot more on this thing, but games have gotten heavier and 1080P stuff is only rendering at 10-13FPS in Resolve… not great. Plan on getting the 16 so I can actually stay up to date with components. This M4800 does have an MXM GPU, but I would need to replace it with a type-B Dell-signed one, which is hard to find and justify at this rate.

My use case is also weird, I also check audio frequency responses in audio systems… use my laptop as an OBDII scan tool for mechanic work, use it as my main PC for hobbies and entertainment, etc.

One day my Framework will completely replace the two laptops that have served me for more than 15 years: Dell Inspiron 9400 (2006) and Acer Aspire Aspire D255E (2009). Both run 32-bit Xubuntu 18.04, the looming EOL of which led to the acquisition of an i7-1260P Framework.

The Dell is rarely off. It serves as our home network and automation console and runs our UniFi management tool. I’ve migrated most of the data and applications to my Framework. I plan to put the UniFi stuff on an RPi and then I’ll be able to retire it.

I fire up the Acer occasionally so by @Second_Coming’s rules I’m no longer “using” it. Its tiny footprint, 5-hour battery life and universal power supply can still be useful. When coupled with an LTE modem it serves as an 802.11g WAP and firewall when we’re traveling.


Nice. Pretty solid workhorse.

Currently using a Lenovo Yoga 530 14IKB 81E.
Just upgraded the hard drive to a Samsung EVO 970 500GB M.2
and bought a new battery, this has to last me another year til I can save up for a FW 13" laptop.
absolutely killing me its so slow 1.6ghz i5 :joy:

None. I use my devices until they break or cant be used anymore (due to compatibility or alike).

Pinebook Pro. Love it, but there’s some things it just chugs at (>10 tabs, etc)

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I’m fairly hard on my tech, probably something to do with me loving to photograph cool terrain and storms, my other laptop that I use regularly is a dell latitude 5420 rugged, and I also use a latitude 7220 tablet as a backup system, navigation aid, and mobile communication hub. I would put my work laptop down, but they change them out about once a year.

MNT Reform (technically version 2)
HP Probook 6465b with 3rd party extended life battery and dock
Asus eee pc 111H (used by parents for email when on holiday)

MSI cx61 2pc.

It’s 8 years old, although I upgraded it doubling RAM from 8 GB to 16 GB and adding an SSD five and a half years ago.

I’ve used to in my second half of my PhD and all my years of postdoc mainly to code computational electromagnetic software (Fortran), run light simulations/optimizations, and Matlab (apart from browsing, Office, VLC, etc.)

Still works fine, but I spilled some water on the keyboard a few months ago and some keys stopped working and now I can only log-in by plugin another keyboard xD I’ll use it until I decide if I buy a FW13 AMD or FW16 when more info is released.

A Dell latitude 7480. This weekend I put a rather odd choice of NVMe in it as a test.

It’s a Intel Optane P1600X 118GB. Optane but over 4x PCIe lanes instead of 2. No straight line speed demon but the latency makes it feel very responsive.

Not designed for laptops but it doesnt run hot and not seen any runaway power comsumption.