What to do with the old top cover (recycling? reuse?)

As someone who uses their laptop heavily, I’ve been considering getting the new top cover when it comes out, though the old one has not seemed that problematic.

However, is there any advice, official or otherwise, as to what to do with the old top cover? Unlike the mainboard, it doesn’t seem like it’s something as easily repurposed.

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If it’s not yet problematic, why replace it? Save yourself the expense and bother of what to do with the old cover.



  • Keep it a spare
  • Offer it for free here
  • Send it back so it can be used in a repair.

Buy as said, why bother, it’s just a bit stiffer maybe?


You could also buy a display kit off the marketplace and a controller board from this thread: HDMI controller board for display panel - #26 by Matt_Harris and make an external monitor with it.


I’d buy one.