Top Cover Panel only

So I see on the marketplace that the Top Cover Kit will be “available soon”. I see that this includes Top Cover, Antenna module, Camera cable, Display hinges, Webcam module and cable. Would it be possible for Literally just the Top Cover to bee added to the marketplace? I am not 100% sure if this would be feasible, in terms of replacing just the cover, and not the parts that may be attached (I haven’t disassembled that yet). I am mainly thinking about this because this could allow people to swap out their top covers if they want. I know my use case would be since I want to buy a dbrand skin for my framework, but I have stickers on my cover, that I don’t really wanna peel off if not necessary, since I really like a few of them. So having the ability to get another top cover, put a dbrand skin on it, and then swap them out could be cool. This is just a thought.

Thank you Framework Team for the amazing product. I couldn’t be happier with my unit (Batch 3).


Wanted to get some visibility on this.

If one were to, I don’t know, drop an AC charging brick on their top cover, it might suddenly be sporting a couple of nice dents in it. It could be nice to have the ability to buy JUST the top cover and replace that, rather than wasting perfectly good hinges, antenna modules, cables, etc.

If it isn’t possible I understand but would also love to know why.


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