Where are the BIOS 3.08 and 3.09 patch notes?


I’m currently running 3.07 and see that 3.10 is out. I also see references about 3.09. However, I can’t find the 3.08 and 3.09 available. Where can I find these? It would be good to always have the full history available so people can see all of the fixes that are coming in, especially after a long period of time of possibly not updating the BIOS.

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The 3.08 was unofficial hence no notes
The 3.09β had a flaw which was corrected in the next week or so and released as 3.10,It wouldn’t charge when powered off, else no dif, so notes to 3.10 apply

The following links are not patch notes but the downloads, not what you really asked for

3.07 | 3.08 (Unofficial) | 3.09 (Beta) | 3.10

Ah ok that sounds good. Thanks @amoun. I’m guessing the type C ports draining the battery when the machine is off or sleeping issue isn’t fixed yet then. Do you know what’s the progress on that?

WIN 11 | Ubuntu 22.04 | i71165 : 512GB :16GB RAM

I’m using 2 x USB C 1 x 256GB Memory and 1 x µSD cards.

I have no battery drain when the machine is OFF or (hibernate) There is a drain on the battery when using sleep which I avoid most often.

There is also a power drain form the power supply as soon as it’s plugged in. It seems the BIOS enables some internal processes once it sees external power is connected.

The actual expansion cards do not drain from the battery when off, nor when connected to power, it’s the recognition process that draws the power when connected to an external power supply.

Thanks for the clarification :). Hopefully these can be fixed soon. It sucks to wake up to a dead laptop.

What is the scenario where that happens?

Is it the drain on the main battery under sleep. It takes about 5W which may be reduced to 3W by removing some extension cards and adjust some power settings.

So without attempt to reduce the drain I could leave if for an 8 hour night but I’m not sure I’d ever be in that much of a hurry when I awake to carry on from the night before to enable sleep on the laptop.

Waking from hibernation only takes 14secs plus logging in and no loss of charge.

I’m on FreeBSD 13.1-STABLE atm (but this happened on Linux even after I switched the sleep state to deep sleep). Basically if I’m at 100% battery and I put the computer to sleep - and not connected to the charger - (hibernation isn’t supported on FreeBSD), I would lose about 70-80% battery over night, so leaving it sleeping for two days is definitely not possible. The machine is currently using 1x USB Type C and 3x USB Type A. The FreeBSD sleep state is using whatever the default S3 is, I haven’t changed any additional options (compared to how Linux has idle and deep sleep for S3).

Usually for my workflow I would leave the machine sleeping but connected (since the machine will die if I don’t as mentioned above). Sometimes I work on stuff that requires me to leave many applications or documents open so I don’t lose my train of thought and allows me to quickly resume the next day. So sleep/resume is a big convenience, but I would put it more in a requirement if push comes to shove.

That sounds about ‘right’ and I see you can’t hibernate :frowning:

This does not seem to be true, since the release notes for 3.10 (on the forum or on the knowledge base only list a single change and do not repeat the 3.09 changelog (which has a lot of changes: BIOS 3.09 Beta release).

I’ve opened a support ticket asking to update the knowledge base article to include the 3.09 notes (and to mention 3.08 was skipped).

It appears the only change from 3.09 to 3.10 was exactly that a fix for the charging issue.

Maybe something wasn’t mentioned

I’m not saying that the 3.10 notes are incomplete, but I was saying the 3.10 release notes do not include the changes to 3.09. Maybe I didn’t include enough context in my quote, but I interpreted your earlier message as “the 3.09 notes are not relevant, because all the 3.07 → 3.10 changes (so also 3.07 → 3.09 changes) are included in the 3.10 changelog”, which is not the case (so when upgrading from 3.07, you’ll need both the 3.09 and 3.10 release notes).

Yes that’s sort of it. It’s the seven different ways of looking at the elephant.

Add the two, or it the case of the elephant, the lily, snake, tree etc.

Each of use sees that which we recognise. I had already installed the 3.09 so I wasn’t expecting anything other than the power update.

@Matthijs_Kooijman - the 3.10 release notes do appear to list the changes in 3.09:

Under “Security Fixes”: “BIOS 3.09 update patches a number of important security issues. It is recommended to update to patch these vulnerabilities.”

Hopefully this helps.

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I suspected that the security fixes were duplicated, but these changes from the 3.09 changelog are missing:

Ah, got it. Presumably they were rolled up into the 3.10 release, but you may want to tag Kieran, as he may be able to set us all straight.

As I mentioned before, I also pointed out the “missing” patch notes to customer support. It took a few tries (mostly because it turns out that their support system aggressively cuts off quoted text, so if you do bottom quoting, support doesn’t see what you write), but eventually I got the following reply:

Thank you for showing interest in Framework Laptops. We understand that you would like to see the published notes/changelogs for 3.09 in BIOS 3.10.

For now, these are not available. While we cannot promise or speculate on the possibility of including these in future iterations of the BIOS page, we appreciate your suggestion and will pass these
along to the appropriate department.

Also, just to let you know, we already have BIOS 3.17 Beta which is located here:

I.e. the request has been passed on to somewhere, and maybe it will be acted on :slight_smile: