Where can I find a case for my Framework Laptop 13?

Hello everyone,

I pre-ordered a Framework 13 AMD laptop a month ago, and I want everything to be ready for its arrival at my home. I’ve searched online for a protective case to install on the back of the screen to protect the aluminum, but I haven’t found anything.
So, I was wondering if any of you potentially have a solution for adapting a case from another computer with similar dimensions to fit the Framework 13?

Thanks for your help! :grinning:

If scratches are your concern, a DBrand skin is a good option: Framework Laptop Skins, Wraps & Covers » dbrand

Yes, I had seen that earlier, but I prefer not to stick anything on the back of the screen. Thanks for responding!

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dbrand seems like the option for a wrap.

I’m thinking I may try this hard case out, but not 100% sure about how it looks and fits exactly but seems adequate.

Interior 14.29 x 10.37 x 1.97 in

Framework 13 dimensions per Tom’s guide:
11.67 x 9 x 0.62 in

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In case you are worried about side effects from skins, those actually peel off without any traces, just require minimal cleaning post removal.

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Thank you for your help. Initially, I was thinking more about a plastic case like this one, but I believe I will order a Dbrand skin, as they are the only ones who offer protection for Framework laptops. Thanks.

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