Protection case/cover for (body of) Framework laptop 13?

Dear friends,
While this topic very useful for screen protectors, how about any suggestion on protection cases/covers for (body of) Framework laptop 13?
For example, this for Microsoft surfacebook 13.5.

You didn’t need to start another thread, there is already one about cases and covers for FW13s.

Thanks, I found following and feel protection case for MSFT surface laptop 13.5’’ is the main one I can try with and let me know better suggestions

By the way, keyboard cover is mentioned in Compatible keyboard cover / keyboard skin? - #3 by jr123 and Protective laptop case - #2 by amoun discusses screen protection – not relevant to this topic anyway.

Search threads for “hard shell” or “hard case” to find more what you are looking for. Many threads.

But currently there are no snap-on type hard shells for Framework. Those have to be made exactly in order to fit well. And we just might not see such a hard shell for a long time, if ever. Many laptop models that sell a lot more than Framework do not have hard shells available. Perhaps someone will create a 3D printable one, that’s our best hope.


Two years later I still love the Aldona leather case. Just simply functional and beautiful.


The Aldona case has an internal pocket which I use for a carrier for my spare FrameWork cards, some thumb drives, and the Framework screwdriver/spudger. The carrier is just a ziploc freezer bag with a thin sheet of closed cell foam with cutouts for the cards and thumb drives.