Which Linux distribution do you want to use on your Framework Laptop?

If I were going with Linux that would be my choice too. I plan to run it in a VM anyway.

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Nah, that’s why I refuse to even consider using Ubuntu 21.04. They decided not to put Gnome 40 in so the main upgrade to 21.04 is just pipewire. I think it runs 3.38 if I remember correctly.

I’m a die hard Fedora user - have been since Red Hat Linux 7 (Not RHEL 7). That said, I love Arch, so I voted for both.

I test all of the “new” distros as they hit - elementary was really nice, and I’ve even given Ubuntu a go - but I always end up back at Fedora. If I had a lot of time off, or a different job, I’d probably switch to Arch Linux, but my lifestyle isn’t conducive to spending that much time on just the OS.

I’m another vote in the NixOS camp. 21.05 recently released and is running on at least the 5.10 LTS kernel so I’m hoping the support will be pretty good out of the box and I can just move my config file over and be up and running in no time.

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Hello there! I’m Alex S from System76 and I’ll be testing Pop!_OS on this machine when I receive it, as well as Garuda Linux. I look forward to enjoying a modular machine :slight_smile:


I hope non-Linux options work well too, such as OpenBSD or NetBSD.


Surprised I haven’t seen Qubes mentioned here as the framework blogpost mentions it.

“This enables use cases like putting Windows 10, Ubuntu, or a privacy-focused OS like Qubes on a card and booting from it when needed”

@nrp has anyone on the team been testing with Qubes yet?


Qubes is an absolute bear of time getting any kind of hardware certification from. Just look at what devices are “certified” to run Qubes. Thinkpads from the x3x series are pretty much your only option.


I am currently running Arch on my Desktop, but I am quite interested in running Solus.


Welcome to the forum, Scott.

The hardware is fairly standard so OpenBSD should run on it. The AX210 is not supported yet so I will be starting with an AX201 (iwx), and a USB wired network connector. I’ll be reporting on what works and if anything else doesn’t work on OpenBSD 6.9-current when I get my unit.


I think i’ll try arch, mostly cos its a pain to setup but it also gives me freedom to do what i want

arch of course, I use arch for everything these days.

yeah, i used to use manjaro till my pc broke down. now i’m stuck with my old windows 7 pc:(

I plan on using Pop!_OS by System76, which is based on Ubuntu.


I’ll install Zorin OS with Windows 11 in dualboot.

I voted for Ubuntu. But would like to add another +1 for Pop!_OS. Been using it for several months now and it is going to be my daily driver for the foreseeable future.


Even though it’s not Linux, can hackintosh be tested on the computers?

Once you have your computer you can do what you like with it! I’m sure that, due to the legal/licensing issues, the Framework team will not test Hackintosh (or if they do, won’t admit it in public :-)). Probably someone else will do the testing and, if they are brave, report it here.

Got it, thanks!……………

I am another vote for System76’s Pop!_OS. I’ve been using it for a couple years and love it. I voted for Ubuntu and Mint though since I use Mint at work and Ubuntu is close to Pop!_OS.