Which microcontroller do you want in an expansion card?

I’m trying to get an idea as to which microcontroller the community would want in an expansion card. Here are my choices:

Note: The RP2040 can be programmed in C++ and micro python, TinyClr is programmed in C# and the ESP32 can be programmed in C++, micro python and C#

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The ability for effortless smart home integration of an ESP32 is a definite plus, and I’d like to add that it can also be programmed in a version of JavaScript with the Espruino framework as well.

RP2040 is absolutely going to be the popular choice both for card devs and users right now though, the chips are peanuts and super easy to use I2C on, which means we have access to Adafruit’s fancy tiny connector (I think it’s called Stemma QT or similar?) which will definitely fit an expansion card form factor. Sensor and display daisy chains will be effortless to set up, but I’m curious about mounting. Could an expansion card with this functionality have some sort of holes for which we could model hooks or fasteners into say, a small 3D printed display mount that hangs off the side of the laptop?

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I cannot answer about which controller but, as a developer i couldn’t stretch enough how much a st-link or pickit or [insert programmer] would help

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definitely RP2040, it’s a joy to work with and can also function as a debugger