Which parts of Framework Laptop are not Prop 65 compliant?

Does anyone at Framework know which particular parts of the Framework laptop are not Prop 65 compliant? Namely, is it the chasis, the bezel, interior components, all of the above, etc…?

One thing I appreciate about Apple, Dell, and Microsoft laptops is I believe they are all Prop 65 compliant. Knowing that it was something internal to the laptop would make me more comfortable but either way, knowing exactly which components don’t comply would be appreciated.

Proposition 65 - Framework Laptop 13 - Framework Community

Thank you for the link @DannyT

I had a look there but no one seems to have specifics about which parts are not in compliance. If it is something inside the chassis - i.e. the motherboard - that would seem to be better than say the chassis which your hands are resting on all day.

Seeing as this is a user forum, you are not assured to get an answer from the team. I would contact support, knowing that they are still working through a bit of a queue, so it might take them a bit of time to get back to you about this.