Proposition 65

Because I take my health very seriously, when I watch there’s a warning on the Marketplace , so is it really bad for our health ?


If you’re going off Prop 65 just assume that literally everything is toxic. If you really care about your health, I suggest you look into the list of chemicals listed as toxic under Prop 65 and find out what is contained in electronics in laptops and research these specific chemicals yourself. Good luck, and have fun.


Please do not consume any framework products! That would be very harmful to your health!


@jimlarck Thanks , I’m sorry to bother you with the simple words, because I’m a student who doesn’t quite understand these,the warning was surprised me.

@DannyT I sorry to bother you ,But who wouldn’t want one of those,hhhhhh!

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I’m sorrt for make disturb of it ,because I don’t know much about these Proposition .


In the automotive industry (which I work in) basically everything you can buy for your car has the California Prop 65 warning on it (and I am in Canada)… We have even had customers get mad and ask why we would sell stuff that is toxic :stuck_out_tongue: … basically your whole car is out to kill you according to California.


It’s no big deal! Prop 65 was originally intended to prevent toxic waste from polluting water supply but nowadays it’s way too broad to a fault. I think, yes, most electronics will release harmful chemicals/carcinogens into the biosphere but that tends to be as e-waste (unless you’re consuming the electronics somehow). For your typical usage you’ll be fine. Just be mindful of how you dispose of your electronics and try to reuse devices and reduce your potential future e-waste.


I remember seeing a Prop 65 warning on the blue chalk for a pool cue when I was little and I thought that the chalk would be bad for me to be around, like something radioactive. Ever since then, I’ve never really paid any attention to Prop 65. It seems like anything and everything will destroy your health according to the state of California.


The two chemicals under proposition 65 listed for the Framework laptop are Nickel and Bisphenol A.

Nickel is a metal and relatively common in electronics and some steel alloys. Ingesting or breathing in the dust of certain Nickel compounds can cause cancer, but this is most definitely not the case here; I’d guess we are talking metallic Nickel here. The Nickel is most-likely somewhere in the electronics (think solder joints, capacitors etc., likely the heatsink) or the screen. Nothing you should be exposed to under any normal circumstances. Unless you have a Nickel allergy or plan on licking any components, or breathing in the fumes of a burning laptop, I can’t imagine you’d be exposed in any meaningful quantity.

BPA, or Bisphenol A, is a chemical precursor to many polymers, such as polycarbonates or epoxy. So they likely used a plastic that is not BPA free for some component, or the IC packages are made of an epoxy resin using BPA. Again, as long as you don’t intend to lick the laptop constantly, I don’t see an issue. BPA is mostly a concern in food packaging, but even there chemically bound (i.e. polymerized BPA) shouldn’t be a concern.

So overall, I’d say the laptop is ‘safe’ - or at least as safe as any other laptop. My guess is, because the laptop is designed to be opened by the user, you could potentially be ‘exposed’ to electronics and therefore the chemicals. I hope this helps you to understand the dangers from these chemicals and meaning behind these messages a bit better. Feel free to ask further questions or google ahead.

Source: Trust me dude, I’ve got a background in chemistry.


Sorry, I can’t help but laugh at that

I do actually believe you but damn that’s funny coming from someone on the interwebs


then it is working as intended.


Is dihydrogen monoxide on the list?


It probably is.
Especially with all those low parts per million trace chemicals


You can’t tell me it isn’t dangerous at a 100% lethality rate when inhaled or otherwise consumed


Even though its generally recognized as safe to use, a lot of this can be avoided by making sure the hardware is mercury/lead-free or whatever and use BPA-free housing.

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prop 65 is a joke. If something exists then its known to the state of California as a cause of cancer… it was drafted by a hypochondriac conspiracy theorist IMO.