Why is there a conversion charge EUR to EUR on the credit card?

I just checked my credit card bill and there’s a 1€ conversion rate next to the 100€ pledge for my framework laptop.

Now I am curious, why there is this charge, as I ordered it over the austrian store and the amounts were all in local currency.

This only applies, when I buy items in non EUR currency. I. E. USD or GBP

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This is a question best asked to support directly. I wouldn’t expect the community to be able to answer this.

When you get the answer from the source, it would be good to share it here for posterity’s sake.

*posterity’s sake :slight_smile:


Thank you for the the heads up, I wrote to the framework support, I will post the answer here.

I guess that question might better be directed at your bank/credit card issuer rather than Framework.

If I had to guess it would be because Framework is an American company but that really is just a guess

Most issuing banks charge a small fee (usually something in the range between 1 and 2.5%) for foreign credit card transactions. This has nothing to do with the currency, but rather with the charging entity being in a different country/payment area than the issuing bank. In this case, the issuing bank is most certainly within SEPA, while the charging entity is located in the US.

So it’s probably not a conversion charge but rather one for international payments, which is collected by the bank/credit card company rather than Framework.

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I know it’s a bank charge, but I am curious why the charge was applied. Usually, when ordering from the US, the invoice is in USD and not in EUR.

And if this is a common procedure, I can’t be the only one having this fee charged…

I inquired with my bank too and will post the results.

I think the only people who can answer that are your bank…

As far as I’ve seen so far, Framework have always charged in the local currency (CAD$/EUR/GBP). If your bank is applying a fee just because they’re in the US that sounds quite ridiculous to me!

That actually seems to be pretty standard though. My US bank charges a 1% international fee for USD charges on their debit card that are not originating in the US. I had been wondering about this at first, too, until I thoroughly studied the fine print.
In contrast, my German bank charges a 2.2% currency conversion fee for debit card transactions in currencies other than Euro.

Wow, that’s absurd!

I guess the makets must not be very competitive there…in the UK the most cards charge a 3% currency conversion fee but no fees at all for randomly not being in the right country.

Cards with no international fees at all are very common and easy to get here, too…

As expected, the bank is to blame.

…We would like to inform you that the manipulation fee for card transactions in EUR outside the
countries of the EEA zone and in a currency other than EUR. The merchant is located in the USA for this payment. …

Paying a manipulation fee for this transaction is weird. IMO.

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