What country does Framework process card payments in?


Anyone that has purchased from the Framework store recently - what country (not what currency) was your transaction processed in?

e.g. if you purchased in the EU, you would have been charged in EUR. But was the charging entity based in the EU, or in a different country?

The reason it matters is because many banks charge an international transaction fee if the payment is processed outside of your home country, even if it’s in your local currency.

In my case the international transaction fee is 3.5%, which is quite a lot on a laptop purchase. I have another card I could use that doesn’t charge any international transaction fees, but I’d prefer not to use it unless I know the payment will be processed outside my home country (for reasons I won’t go in to).

I found this thread suggesting that all transactions are processed in the US, but that was over 2 years ago.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Limayankee,

I bought the Ryzen 7840 mainboard upgrade and a few USB cards.
Shipping was in Austria in less then a week. It was shipped from the Netherlands. This was very pleasing.

The invoice is in Euro, the company Address still in the US, so my bank billed me 10% surcharge for the transaction in EUR to a US company.

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10% - ouch!

3.5% actually seems quite reasonable now.

Thanks for the info.

Wow that’s insane! Is there no banks that do not do this in Austria or where you live OP? It feels like it starts being worth just having your credit card in another bank just for this.

I’ve never heard of any bank doing this in France for example. Maybe some of the online banks would avoid this kind of weird fees?

The banking world is a jungle, but I would recommend to change the bank. I have in the last years gone through mine and closed the ones were the had fees I did not like.

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Well, I’m in France, and I never paid attention to this. This thread prompted me to check, and apparently my bank (LCL) charged me 3% in change fees when I bought my framework 16 with my card :confused: So yeah, at least one bank in France does this too…

Can confirm: Payment is processed in “SAN FRANCISCO CA”

Here are some lists of credit/debit cards that don’t charge international transaction fees:

Australia: Debit & Credit Cards with No International Fees - OzBargain Wiki
UK: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/credit-cards/travel-credit-cards/

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