Wifi card not detected

Hey guys!

I’m running Feren OS (which might be my first mistake) but I can’t seem to get my Wifi card to actually work. The card appears to be firmly in the slot, the antennae appear to be connected correctly, the WiFi bracket is on top of the card, and I even downloaded the Windows 10 drivers and tried to install them with Wine (because I’m just that smart), which, of course, failed completely.

Yes, I’m new at this. How can you tell?

Anyway, as far as I can tell, all of my drivers are up to date. I’m using the Driver Manager, which insists that I have everything installed, and my Update Manager says the same thing about my OS.

I also followed this article: https://net2.com/how-to-fix-wifi-not-working-in-ubuntu/
but none of the commands would bring up the WiFi module at all.

A little help, please?

not sure what kernel ferenOS runs, but the Framework needs a fairly new kernel to be compatible with the wifi card Framework ships. You can check your kernel version with the uname command in the terminal, then you can search around the linux topics on the forum to find one that works. Seems like this post could be helpful to you.