Will it be possible to order a Framework Laptop with marketplace alterative keyboards/bezels?

Hey there,

I am pretty sure my next laptop is going to be a Framework, given what’s currently out there and given the premise and promise of a modular laptop.

The one thing that is currently keeping me from finalizing a purchase is that I know that I will be getting a different bezel colour and one of the blank keyboard options. The blank keyboard options appear to be available from the marketplace, but given that one of my values for deciding on this laptop is that I hope to waste as little electronic equipment as possible when upgrading, I don’t want to get something with parts I’m immediately going to give up on or toss.

I have been looking for a timeline for laptop options, but haven’t seen anything about being able to pick up bezels on the fly, but instead just that the marketplace will have these upgrades available.

I get that eventually there may be third-party upgrades, but is it in the cards to make the alternative bezels and keyboard kits available on laptop purchase? Or is it always expected that there will be standard parts shipped out and I’ll have to replace them with after-purchase upgrade parts?

This is probably worth emailing to support. They’d be doing the swap.

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That’s a good question. I’d probably pick the grey bezel and let them keep the black, as I don’t need another piece of plastic lying around.

That probably depends a lot on their logistics though, as it does add complexity to operations.

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