Will RGB keyboard be configurable on Linux?

Will the RGB on the keyboard be configurable, and if so, will it be doable on Linux? Also, will custom patterns and/or individual keys be configurable to stay specific colors?

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Their keyboard and input modules use QMK open source firmware, and you can indeed configure it in linux. It looks like Framework will offer a firmware that supports Via, which provides a configuration UI.

This can be done, but it normally requires some effort, learning how to add your modifications to the firmware. Since it’s all open source, someone could potentially create an easier way to do custom patterns and individual led control.


Sorry but the RGB keyboard will be only with US LAYOUT?

Currently, US is the only layout in RGB. I don’t think Framework has said yet if it will come to other layouts. Getting the transparent RGB keyboard and adding layout decals in your language is an option.

This is what I was wondering, thanks!

I actually requested to change my preorder to do this, as it didn’t occur to me I could do that when I put my preorder in! Thanks!