Keycap stickers for the clearcap options

Quick question. There’s some clearcap options on these keyboards, including a clearcap QMK numpad (which is quite novel).

RGB is fun. I can imagine buying the RGB. Not sure if it’ll work in Linux but that’s an experiment I’m prepared to do. However, there’s no printed keycap numpad with RGB. So the QMK numpad has a point there. But it could use some characters on it!

So. Where do you guys go to buy keycap stickers - including for the numeric keypad?

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I haven’t used them myself, but has custom keyboard stickers with many options. Background color, text color, custom size & shape to fit keys exactly, multilingual sets. That’s what I’d go for. They do list Framework as a brand they support for custom shaped stickers.
Custom Keyboard Stickers Builder | Keyshorts

This is also a way to get RGB in other languages. Get a clear keyboard and buy exactly sized stickers in your language.

Note that all the options actually use QMK firmware.

Definitely, works in Linux. I’m on Linux and use QMK.


But are they for the 13 or the 16? Or are the keyboard keys the same size on both laptops? I ordered the blank RGB just because I want a dang Linux penguin on the “super” key, but I’m not sure if they would be a correct set.

You would have to specify that you want them for the Framework-16. The do list Framework as a brand they support. You could message them asking about their process of supporting new models such as the Framework-16. It might be as simple as providing pictures of the keyboard with a ruler or an object of known size.

In their Custom keyboard stickers builder they direct you to enter the model name or product number of your laptop, or provide pictures if you can’t find either of those.

I went ahead and sent Keyshorts a message inquiring about their exact fit decals for the Framework-16, which they call “Perfect Fit”.
Though, it might be good if others also message them expressing interest in Framework-16 decals.

Good idea. I was just curious if you knew already. I’ll send them a message as well. My order would be quite different than most others as the stickers would be covering up blank keys, instead of existing symbols, so I have a few other questions as well.

a little late to the game here, but i also found an etsy store that does individual stickers for keyboards - CadeyDesign - Etsy

i can’t say for sure how well they’ll fit the keys, but they look good. i know the original poster was looking for a cover for the numpad but i’ve been looking for a cover for my super key. i wanted a Linux option instead of the Windows logo that’s there :confused: i liked the keyshorts stuff, but didn’t want to buy for a whole keyboard.


Do you know if these stickers have translucent designs so the light can shine through?

There are lots of sticker providers out there, but I can’t find very many who have stickers made for blank RGB keys.

Maybe something like this?
Glowing Punctuation Characters and Numbers – Transparent Fluorescent Keyboard Sticker

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Not at all. Those are really small for sticking in the corner of a key.

You should browse that site. They do have big ones, too:

i’m not sure, unfortunately. the ones i got are white, so i’ll just have to see if they let any light through. i’m doubting they will let much through.


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Here’s a link without all the tracking and referral junk in it:


I wonder if this is doable at home with a Cricut or Silhouette Cameo or similar. Find some transparent adhesive vinyl, load a dye sublimation pen like Cricut Infuseable Ink Pens or Artesprix Sublimation Markers into your Cricut and get it to write out your legends and then cut out the stickers.

Could even write the legends by hand, then use Cricut just to cut them out.

Also just realized my local library has a Silhouette Cameo and Cameo 4 available for use, so that means I don’t necessarily need to buy anything except materials.

If the legends fade, could increase durability by applying between two layers of resin. Or using a matte spray.

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Keyshorts now has a configurator specific for FW13 and FW16 at Framework Keyboard Stickers (Colored Background + Colored Symbols), along with a 15% discount code FRAMEWORK15. I’d get the Transparent Background + Colored Symbols version. They also have Colored Background + Transparent Symbols which looks more like a regular backlit keyboard.


Very nice! I was just looking for an option like that the other day.

I got the clear keyboard on my 13" and the keyshorts stickers with black labels. I ended up using the computer for months with just the clear keyboard, but I did end up putting the first two rows of stickers on. I left them off the rest because I prefer the feel without the stickers.

Here’s a pick so you can get an idea.


Is your space bar turned off? Or is it broken? I hope that’s not how the 16 keyboard will be.

Nah, that’s just how the spacebar is. There’s only a light on one side, where the label would normally be. The rest of it isn’t illuminated. Not sure how the clear keyboard on the FW 16 will look.

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The Verge’s FW16 clear keyboard spacebar has several lights down the whole length. Watch to the end of their Instagram video, also here’s an image from reddit which looks similar to what’s in the Verge’s video