Will the 16” laptop expandable GPUs be MXM boards or something new?

I’m wondering if there are any more details on the expandable GPUs that we’re just announced for the new 16” laptop model. Are they going to be MXM boards like gaming laptops of the past or some new kind of mobile GPU?

Nope, not anything like MXM. There’s a lot of technical details about the new module standard here:


It would be cool if they build a PCI adapter for the GPU, so the old Framework 16 one could be used in desktop PC motherboard… so u can just upgrade and add that GPU to ur little brother´s desktop PC…

I think that will create a “before and after”… GPU that u can use in the laptop and PC

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A PCIE adapter should definitely be done. This would let you use external cards without having to custom build an expansion module. This in theory is just a simple riser cable and shouldn’t be hard to make. A custom connector for a rear facing cable between the laptop and the PCIE 16x slot would be even better allowing for people to make an enclosure for any device that they wanted that was still quick to connect.

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Yes! Like an external GPU enclosure that would enable you to plug in the Framework 16’s GPU or any of the ExpansionBays into it and then be able to plug it into a regular PC or another laptop using something like Thunderbolt.

Basically like making something like a Razer Core X enclosure except instead of putting a desktop GPU inside it accepts Framework 16" ExpansionBays.

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I think they already shared about eGPU, what Im saying is when someone wants to upgrade its laptop GPU, he can change the old one’s laptop fan for an adapter with massive cooling system (like in any normal gpu) with PCIE 4 or 5 connectors to use it inside a PC