Windows 10 enters "sleep mode"

I have been using my framework laptop for about a month now, batch six, i7-1165, 16GB ram with windows 10 pro.

It will seemingly decide to reduce functionality for a certain period of time. I will be unable to open the start menu, some applications cannot be raised to focus from the taskbar (Firefox, settings, task manager, groove music, discord). Other applications will, but with reduced functionality. Microsoft edge will open but when I try to go to a webpage it will pop up an error Saying “your computer went to sleep.”

How can I fix this?

Sounds like Clock stuck at .39Ghz ?

This is addressed in BIOS 3.07:

hmmm, I have taken a look at that thread and it doesn’t seem to be it.

I have made sure to update to the latest bios and to install the driver pack before submitting this, but the problem still persists.

(EDIT) I have set my computer to never sleep, which seems to be working but is only half a solution

It has been a couple days and unfortunately the problem persists, crashing discord, freezing playback on Disney+, preventing pages from loading on internet explorer and causing firefox to be very frustrating