Windows 11, Firmware 3.19, Intel '11, regular issues with turning on

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  • Which OS (Operating System)? Windows
  • Which release of your OS? 11
  • Which Framework laptop are you asking for support with? 11th

This has been a bit hard to pin down, as it requires me to retroactively collect details about the circumstances leading up to a behavior.

but, this other thread seems pretty close to today’s issue: Resume from Sleep Only Works With Power - Windows 11, Framework 13, 11th Gen Intel
This thread is unresolved, but says something about the RTC battery – but I don’t think that’d be the issue?

Have other people seen other waking / powering behaviors? how do you debug them?

Now that I’ve made this thread, I’m going to try to update any time there as an issue.

The other post doesn’t say in hasn’t been resolved and have you tried? What have you done?

Apart from looking at the other \thread you don’t say what the problem is?

  • Check the RTC|CMOS battery voltage it has to be above 2.8V
  • Reset the BIOS
  • Reset the mainboad

Debugging is about trying something to see what you can rule out

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How do you reset each of those things?

Please search


but what about the ML 1220 battery for the RTC and CMOS