Resume from Sleep Only Works With Power - Windows 11, Framework 13, 11th Gen Intel

I recently installed Windows 11 on my Framework 13, 11th gen Intel. I installed the drivers, BIOS updates, and Windows updates so am running at most recent version of everything.

I am noticing that once my computer goes to sleep, I cannot wake it at all on battery power. Pressing any buttons or the power button does nothing. However, if I attach the power cable, pressing the power button resumes the system and it properly wakes from sleep. I can unplug the power cable anytime after the resume starts (e.g., in this case, I had 70% battery).

What do I need to change/fix so that my Framework can resume from sleep while on only battery power?

I would send a message to support if you haven’t already. There may be other 13th gen users who could help, but this seems like a larger issue to me…

Thanks, I followed up with support and it seems like this is related to the already known issue of RTC Batteries dying and not charging from main battery on 11th getn mainboards. I’m going to try a replacement battery and see if that fixes the issue.