Windows 11 Trackpad not scrolling or right clicking

I upgraded my 11th gen CPU to 12th gen and reinstalled the drivers everything is working except my trackpad does not 2 finger scroll or right click. The brightness buttons also do not work but all the other function keys do. The mouse driver version is 10.0.22000.653 any thought?

Just to be clear…you’re not ‘re’-installing the SAME driver bundle, right? You’re using the 12th gen’s Driver Bundle, correct?

From here:
Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Releases (12th Gen Intel® Core™)


I actually couldn’t find that one thank you so much I will try that one hopefully it works.

Hi @Zachary_Priest,

If this continues to be an issue for you, I would recommend submitting a ticket to our support team here: Framework | Support so they can ensure your laptop is performing as intended!

Thank you and have a great day!

That driver bundle worked thank you for sharing that with me!


The driver bundle also worked for me, it was driving me nuts! Thank you!

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