Wireless disabled after eGPU plugged in

I plugged in an egpu and the wireless card is perma disabled. I can’t seem to enable it. I am going to try to hardwire a line to see if any kind of networking works, but I rebooted and it still didn’t work. Argh. I have the WiFi 6 non vPro card. It worked previously.

Ah forgot. Win 10 pro. Driver bundle installed.

So I used a USB-C adapter to check that networking worked with a hardline. Worked. Ok. reinstalled the driver bundle, as long as I had it plugged in. Wireless comes back. I replug it into the eGPU, install Razer Synapse, seems good! Wireless is still working.

Razer synapse needs an update, sure! reboot? Go ahead! no screens come back up. Ok, open laptop, bitlocker recovery key is staring at me. oh dear. So I plug that in, and it works. Going to reboot it, see if it comes back up.

… well… did it reboot okay?.. one of the reasons I ended up not getting a razer egpu was because of the software you need to install. The sonnet I ended up with has never needed software and has always worked flawless plug and play. Would be interested to know if the egpu or software ends up being the problem or if the timing was just coincidence. I don’t mean to insult Razer or anything (I hear the laptops are good) but I no longer have any of their products… they all either broke down or the quality was just poor to begin with.

I was looking at Sonnet eGPU Breakaway Box 750ex, but the USB-C/Thunderbolt Dock Megathread had an entry saying their Framework couldn’t POST when connected to it and has them listed as “Unsupported.” Could I ask what model number Sonnet you’re using?

Sounds like a wild ride. Did it reboot successfully?

@Alex_Franco, Sonnet 750ex, same one… got it direct from Sonnet and cost less that way… never had a single issue with it (Windows 11) and no software needed

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@DannyT Awesome, that’s exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks!